Gopi Bhalla is an actor working on Indian Television and Bollywood films. He was born on 13th January, 1963. The 61 year old actor is well known for his role as Gopinath Gandotra in F.I.R. Series. He has been playing the role of old hawaldaar in the series. F.I.R. has been a long running series. The series started in 2006 and as of June, 2014 the series has successfully completed 1200 shows. In one of his interviews Gopi Bhalla said that it is the matter of immense delight for him to be a part of such a long-time running television series. The series is telecast on Sab TV channel. The series is based on the cases that arrive to Imaan Chowki. He, along with two other constables and Inspector Chandramukhi Chautala is trying to solve the case. Every episode arrives with the new case which might be based on any controversy in the society such as love, divorce, snoring or bad cooking.
He signed another Comedy series in Hum Apke Hain In-Laws in 2012. He is playing the role as Sher Singh in the series. The series teaches you the most important moral values in your life in the finest fashion. The series completed 104 episodes in total.
Here comes another comedy show where Gopi Bhalla is in the lead role. In Gopi Gadha Aur Gapshup, he is playing a role of Gopi. He wears the costume of his character in F.I.R. The show features the comedy and humorous videos on the SAB TV channel. He is accompanied by Gadha Prasad of Chidiya Ghar in the show.
He was also a part of number of Bollywood movies including Ek Chadar Maili Si, Mera Dil Tere Liye, Pehla Pehla Pyar, Ishq Na Pooche Jaat, Dildaara, Sikandar, Lajja, Jee Aaya Nu, Mitter Pyare Nu Haal Muredan Da Kehna, Aisa Kyon Hota Hai?, Sarhad paar, Apni Boli Apna Des, Lad Gaya Pecha, Mar Jawan Gur Khake, M.L.A Natha Singh, Romeo Ranjha, Rambo Ranjha.
Giriraj Kabra Hindi Actor

Giriraj Kabra

Giriraj Kabra is Indian film and serial actor who is popular for his role in the 2009 film, ‘Kirkit’. The movie was releases in both Urdu and Hindi versions and it is about two groups fighting each another in the name of cricket. He is also famous and received a lot of appreciation for his role as Bittu in Sahara One’s televisions serial ‘Piya Ka Ghar Pyara Lage’ produced by Entertainment hub. The offer for the role in this serial was after his first film ‘Kirkit’ went on to become a super hit. But later the televisions producer replaced him with the actor Raj Singh without any warning or prior notices to the former actor Giriraj Kabra. The actor is pretty agitated and upset about this sudden dismissal from the sets of this television show. He was with the crew of the televisions serial ‘Piya Ka Ghar Pyara Lage’ from the beginning i.e., from 2011 and has worked for two years strait and was suddenly given a termination letter on July 2013 stating that the reason of the dismissal was because he was a poor performer. This made actor agitated and on an interview he let out his fury by telling that he would never work with the channel Sahara One anymore. The actor did not do or take up any project for months and then later came to the small screen with the television show ‘Meri Ashiqui Tumse Hi’. The televisions serial is produced by Balaji Telefilms and is being telecast in Colors channel. Girija Kabra will be portraying the role of a guy who has experienced all the ups and downs of the life and that character is friend of Shakti Arora, played by Ranveer.