Supporting Actress (0 - 12)


Supporting Actress Are Pillar To The Actress

A supporting actress is someone who plays a lesser important role to the heroine or main female lead in the film or TV show. She is also called as a ‘day player’ or side character. She acts as the right hand of the lead. She could act as the best friend or a female relative or an important family member or even the female villain in the film or drama. She could also be a sidekick to the hero or heroine in the film. Supporting actress can play other roles but they are still known as supporting actresses after the main actor or lead in the film.

A supporting actress is not necessarily related to the main lead but is important to the film plot. she is an important character for helping the audience understand the main lead better. There could be many supporting actresses in a film depending on the story. They may be there for the main lead in times of need in certain matters according to the film plot. Many award shows have now understood the importance of supporting actresses and have started to honor them separately. Supporting actresses are awarded for their work and acting as good as the main lead.