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Akarsh Byramudi
DOB: 1 Mar 1993

Akarsh Byramudi

Jai Dhanush
DOB: 6 Jan 1988

Jai Dhanush

Kanwar Arsalan
DOB: 22 May 1989

Kanwar Arsalan

DOB: 23 Aug 1969




Kanika Maheshwari Hindi TV-Actress
Born: 24 April 1981

Age Now 43

Kanika Maheshwari - (TV-Actress)

Neha Saxena Hindi TV-Actress
Born: 24 April 1991

Age Now 33

Neha Saxena - (TV-Actress)

Tapur Chatterjee Hindi Model
Born: 24 April 1980

Age Now 44

Tapur Chatterjee - (Model)

Khushi Dubey Hindi Actress
Born: 24 April 2001

Age Now 23

Khushi Dubey - (Actress)

Dr.Rajkumar Kannada Movie Actor
Born: 24 April 1929

Lived For 76 Years

Dr.Rajkumar - (Movie Actor)

Devi Chandana Malayalam TV-Actress
Born: 24 April 1982

Age Now 42

Devi Chandana - (TV-Actress)

Shammi Hindi Movie Actress
Born: 24 April 1931

Age Now 93

Shammi - (Movie Actress)


TV-actors Can Grab The Attention Of The Viewers

A TV Actor is an artist who works for the television industry, he is one such actor who could be associated with daily soaps. A TV actor is a paid source of entertainment. They come into contracts and works for the production houses for an extended period of time. A TV actor is normally also associated with an actress. These actors gain fame and popularity from households who watch such serials. Television actors are comparatively on a lower pay than the movie actors. However, their style and fashion is also very famous amongst the public.

These actors get featured in magazines and also, some of them are into modelling. Normally, at the most these actors can take up two to three projects at the same time. The television industry, just like the film industry also has the hosting of award shows where the artists grab a few rewards for their work. So basically, the television industry is pretty similar to the movie industry, the difference lies in the fact that this industry is not as upgraded as the film industry.