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Rakesh Sarang is a well known director, producer and writer for primarily hindi TV series and movies. He directed a drama TV series in 1998, “ Aashirwad Aashirwad was a very popular Hindi television seri >> Read More... .” The top cast for this series are Navin Nischol Born on 11th April 1946, Navin Nishcol is an actor >> Read More... , Govind Namdeo, Poonam Narula Born on 3rd June, 1976, Poonam Narula belongs to M >> Read More... , Nasir Khan Nasir Khan is an Indian Film Actor. He worked in t >> Read More... , Shama Deshpande Shama Deshpande’s father was a Marathi actor and h >> Read More... , and Manasi Salvi Manasi Salvi is a well known actress in a Marathi >> Read More... . He directed all 161 episodes. In 1999, he directed another TV series, “ Abhimaan Abhimaan is a Hindi daily soap that aired on DD Na >> Read More... .” The top cast for this series are Sachin Khedekar Actor Sachin Khedekar is very much known to Indian >> Read More... , Kishori Shahane Kishori Shahane is a renowned folk and classical d >> Read More... , Vaquar Shaikh Vaquar Shaikh is a talented actor who has worked i >> Read More... , Sanjay Batra Sanjay Batra is a TV actor. He is most famous for >> Read More... , Deepshikha Nagpal Deepshika Nagpal was born on 2 September 1977 in P >> Read More... , Kabir Sadanand He is an Indian actor and a movie director. He has >> Read More... , Mohan Bhandari Mohan Bhandari is an enormously talented Indian ac >> Read More... , Rajeev Paul Rajeev Paul is a prominent Indian Television artis >> Read More... , Kanwalijeet Singh, Govind Namdeo, Shishir Sharma Shishir Sharma is one of the popular senior actors >> Read More... , and Divya Seth Shah. 

Rakesh Sarang directed a 2001 TV series, “ Sarhadein UTV Software Communications created an interesting >> Read More... ”. He directed one episode in that series. The top cast for the episode he worked with are Smita Bansal Smita Bansal is the famous face of Indian Televisi >> Read More... , Aamir Bashir Aamir Bashir is an Indian TV artist and film direc >> Read More... , Govind Namdeo, and Kulijeet Randhawa. In 2003, a TV series called “C.I.D.” was released, which was directed by him as well. In 2004, Rakesh Sarang directed “Hey.. Yahoo to Haii Woh!” which lasted till 2005. The top cast for this TV series were Hemant Choudhary Hemant Choudhary has initially known for his chara >> Read More... , Sandeep Rajora The AXN Fear Factor winner, Sandeep Rajora has now >> Read More... , Kanika Kohli Kanika Kohli is a Bollywood film and television ac >> Read More... , Farida Dadi Farida Dadi got fame as a child artist during 1960 >> Read More... , Meghna Malik Meghna Malik is an Indian television and film actr >> Read More... , Manish Chaudhari, Soni Singh Soni Singh is an Indian actress was born as Minaks >> Read More... , Arzoo Govitrikar Arzoo Gowitrikar is an engineer by profession. She >> Read More... , Amrapali Gupta Born on 28th May, 1988, Amrapali Gupta hails from >> Read More... , Kanika Maheshwari Kanika is an Indian small screen actress. She was >> Read More... , Sonal Pendse Sonal Pendse is an Indian TV serial actress, who h >> Read More... , Natasha Rana Natasha Rana is a very talented Indian actress on >> Read More... , Gaurav Chanana Gaurav Chanana or Rhehan Malliek is an Indian TV a >> Read More... , Aditi Ghorpade Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Ritu Vij Ritu Vij (born in 1963) is a well-known Television >> Read More... , and Namrata Gill. Parallely, Rakesh directed 74 episodes of a TV series called “ Aandhi Aandhi was an interesting Hindi television serial  >> Read More... ” in 2004. The top cast for this series were Faisal Khan Faisal Khan was born in 1999 in Mumbai. His father >> Read More... , Simone Singh Simone Singh is the face of Indian Television. She >> Read More... , Ayub Khan Ayub Khan is a famous Indian Film and TV actor who >> Read More... , Rocky Verma Famous TV actor Rocky Verma has worked in more tha >> Read More... , Kanika Kohli, Shilpa Shinde Shilpa Shinde is a prevalent Hindi TV performing a >> Read More... , Vinay Jain Vinay Jain is an Indian television actor. He was b >> Read More... , Jyoti Mukherjee Jyoti Mukherjee is an Indian Fashion Designer-turn >> Read More... , and Rana Jung Bahadur. 

“Saat Phere… Saloni Ka Safar” is another drama TV series which lasted from 2005-2009. This series has 854 episodes. The top cast for this series is Sharad Kelkar This is our own Nahar Banna Sharad Kelkar of 'Saat >> Read More... , Rajshree Thakur The Maharani Jaiwanta Bai is well known the face o >> Read More... , Akshay Anand Akshay Anand is a Bollywood actor who became popul >> Read More... , Ashlesha Sawant Ashlesha Sawant is an Indian television actress bo >> Read More... , Anchal Dwivedi, Pratichi Mishra Pratichi Mishra is a well known face of TV enterta >> Read More... , Mohan Bhandari, Mazher Sayed Mazher Sayed is a well-known television actor from >> Read More... , Ashish Kapoor Ashish Kapoor is a Delhi based TV serial actor. He >> Read More... , Neena Gupta Neena Gupta is a very popular and well-known figur >> Read More... , Meenakshi Verma Meenakshi Verma is popular for playing dadi/nani ( >> Read More... , Rakesh Bapat, Poonam Gulati Poonam Gulati is an Indian actress who is best kno >> Read More... , Aditi Ghorpade, Nivedita Bhattacharya Nivedita Bhattacharya is a television actress. She >> Read More... , Sadiya Siddiqui Known for playing a wide variety of characters, bo >> Read More... , Keerti Gaekwad Kelkar Keerti Gaekwad Kelkar is an Indian Television actr >> Read More... , and Sharmilee Raj Sharmilee Raj is a well-known actress in the Hindi >> Read More...


Born: 19 June 1962

Age Now 62

Ashish Vidyarthi - (Villain)

Born: 19 June 1980

Age Now 44

Roma Navani - (TV-Actress)

Born: 19 June 2001

Age Now 23

Saloni Daini - (Child Artist)

Born: 19 June 1985

Age Now 39

Surily Goel - (Fashion Designer)

Born: 19 June 1994

Age Now 30

Sandesh Motwani - (Singer)

Born: 19 June 1986

Age Now 38

Sawika Chaiyadech - (Movie Actress)

Born: 19 June 1955

Age Now 69

Asgar Saboo - (Hairstylist)