Nasir Khan is an Indian Film Actor. He worked in the Hindi Film Industry. Nasir was born on the 11th of January in the year 1924. He was born in Peshawar, British India (currently in Pakistan). His father’s name is Lal Ghulam Sarwar Ali Khan, and his mother’s name is Ayesha Begum. He had eleven siblings. He was first married to the daughter of the filmmaker Nazir Ahmed Khan whose name is Suraiya Nazir. They had a daughter whose name is Naheed Khan.

He later married an actress, Begum Para. They have a son whose name is Ayub Khan. Nasir started his acting career with the film Teri Yaad (1948). He later appeared in the films Shahida (1949), Nagina (1951), Aasmaan (1952), Daaera (1953), Angarey (1954), Bairaag (1976), Hum Hain Khalnayak (1996), and many more. Nasir died on the 3rd of May in the year 1974. He worked in a few films before his death which released after his death.

Naresh Kanodia Hindi Actor

Naresh Kanodia

Naresh Kanodia, a Gujarati film actor, and musician was born in Gujarat. He married Rima but Rima passed away after some time, and he is a widower now. He has a son named Hitu Kanodia. Hitu Kanodia like his father is now a famous Gujarati film actor. He has a brother named Mahesh Kanodia who is a renowned Gujarati singer and musician. Mahesh Kanodia was also active in politics and was a Member of Parliament from Patan constituency. Naresh Kanodia served as a member of Gujarat Legislative Assembly from Karjan constituency. Naresh Kanodia is the only movie star in the world who has given 53 blockbusters in the lead role. From a very young age, he started to act and sing on the stage along with his brother Mahesh Kanodia. He and his brother are one of the most successful musicians of the Gujarati movies. Mahesh and Naresh known as Mahesh Naresh in the Gujarati industry in the 1980’s were the first ones to travel to other countries and performed on stage. They went to Africa, America, and many Asian countries. His career started with the film ‘Veli Ne Avaya Phool.’ He has worked in movies like ‘Akhand Chudalo,’ ‘Angne Vage Ruda Dhol,’ ‘Bhathiji Maharaj.’ He sang in ‘ Dhola Maru.’ He sang songs like Odhi Re, Lal Lal, Maro Sandeso, Dhola Ho in Dhola Maru movie. He presents his talents in Dholi, Dholi Taaro Dhol Waaje, Dodh Dhaya. He sang in Halo Apna Malak Man. Songs like Sadak Vachche Chapri, Ho Mara Halakna, Zalawadi Zumil, Maniyaro, Vagado Dholi Dhol, etc. are sung by. In ‘Hiran Ne Kanthe’ he gave his voice for Ho Ho Re, Bhuli Re, Kaun Mari, Sayba Maro. In Jode Rejo Raj he sang Chando Ugyo Chowkma, Rasiya Re Mara Daldama, Kuwane Kain, Mara Te Pinjarani Maina, etc. He worked in movies like Jigar Ane Ami, Jog Sanjog, Jugal Jodi, Kadla in Job, Kanku Ni Kimat, Kanto Vagya Kadje, Kesar Chandan, Laju Lakhan, Maa Baap Ne Bhulsho Nahi, Man Saibani Medie, Mard Ne Manduo, Pardeshi Maniyro, Raj Ratna, Rajveer, Rudio Rabari, Tana Riri, Unchi Medina Uncha Mol, Vanjari Vav, Vat Vachan Ne Ver, Veli Ne Avya Phool. He sang many melodious songs like Aaj Re Sapna Main To, Bar Bar Varse, O Albela Chhel, Nach Nach, Rabh Fatya, Tara Ne Mare, Kali Dandi No Damra, Sayba Tara Bag Ma, Kesariyya Chhe, O Mari Rajvan, etc. Naresh Kanodia had done around 63 Gujarati films. He has worked in Gujarati movie industry for more than 40 years and worked with all the leading ladies. He is a successful and well-established artist of Gujarat entertainment industry.


Rana Ranbir

Rana Ranbir is a Punjabi actor, comedian, host and a writer as well. He is a very famous Punjabi actor and proved to be a boon for the Punjabi Film Industry. Rana Ranbir was born on April 9, 1970, in Punjab. He did his graduation from Desh Bhagat College situated in Dhuri. Later, he also did a post graduation degree from Punjab University, Patiala in theater television. Currently, he lives in Patiala with his wife Devinder Rana, son Waris and a daughter. Devinder and Rana got married on October 9. While he was studying in college, he wrote a book, ‘Sach Soch te Supne’. Rana is also a very good poet. Rana also called as the Shampy Puttar has done a lot of stage shows, radio shows, and movies. Kehar Singh Di Maut, Bhagwant Mann Naughty No. 1 and Jugnu Kehnda Hai are some of his radio shows. He has done several stage performances. They include Mirza Sahiba, Loha Kutt, and Annay Nishanchi. He is mainly known for his comedy acting. However, his serious roles have also contributed to his success. He did serious roles in Parchavain and Chitta Lahoo. He has also done few road shows in Punjab like Excuse Me Please and Jugnu Mast Mast along with Bhagwant Maan. Excuse Me Please being the oldest show on Zee Punjabi was initiated by Jagmeet Bal which went on to become a very popular Punjabi TV show. Ranbir is the anchor of this road show. In 2014, he did a stage show at women’s college Dev Samaj called Khettan Da Putt. The premier of this show was done in Canada. It was a story of Avtar Singh Sandhu, a famous poet. It was an impressive role played by Rana in imitating the true essence of the character. Rana Ranbir has also directed Aala Afsar and Mitti Da Moh. His role in the comedy movie Munde U.K. De as Khoji-the house manager has gained a lot of popularity. His other films include Fer Mamla Gadbad Gadbad, Ajj De Ranjhe, Carry On Jatta, Dil Apna Punjabi, Chhevan Dariya (The Sixth River), Rab Ne Banyiyan Jodiyan, etc. His best performance till date is in the Punjabi movie, ‘Jatt and Juliet’ released in 2012. His role as ‘Shampy Singh Chawla’ gained a lot of applause from the audience as well as critics. It led to the sequel of the movie ‘Jatt and Juliet 2’. Rana Ranbir is for sure one of the best actors and comedians the Punjabi Film Industry has ever gotten.

Rana Ranbir Hindi Actor