Shama Deshpande Hindi Actress
Other Skills
Shama Deshpande’s father was a Marathi actor and has been cast in many Marathi movies. It was because of him she became part of the Indian television industry. In an interview, she said, “This industry is a part of me; I was born in this industry.” She also got married to an actor, whom she met on the sets of Kutumb (October 29, 2001, February 7, 2003), aired on Sony Entertainment television, they were cast as a couple. They never thought the fictional couple would turn into a real couple, used to talk for hours on the set, where their love story began. Sai Bilal said in an interview, “What a normal person want from a wife, is love for him more than anyone and care for everyone in the family and he ven stated that Shama has these all qualities.

According to her, to become an actor, the most important thing is concentration towards what they are doing. She said that actors are the chosen ones, not everyone can come up and become an actor that’s why the people who have the ability to become an actor has to concentrate on what they are doing. She thinks that an actor is supposed to act alert at all times, and their personal lives should not interfere with their lives on sets; these are the footsteps that she followed as an actor and advised the future generation to follow these steps too.