Deepshikha Nagpal

Other names of Deepshikha Nagpal: Deepshika Nagpal, Deepshikha

Deepshika Nagpal was born on 2 September 1977 in Punjab, and currently resides in Mumbai. She comes from a family of artists, namely, her mother was also an actress and had a political career as well, and her father was a writer. Her uncle was a cinematographer and he helped her build her successful career in acting. Deepshika started her professional acting career in 1995 and for almost 20 years she has been actively performing in Punjab series and films. Some of the most popular television series she performs in are A.D.A. in 2005, Baa Bahoo Aur Baby, C.I.D. in 2006, and at the present she acts in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon. Deepshika performed in more than 20 movies, some of them are: Betaaj Badshah, Koyla, Kahani Kismat Ki, Dillagi, Pyaar Mein Twist Pyaar Mein Twist went on air on 29 January 2011 an >> Read More... Pyaar Mein Twist , Red Swastik Click to look into! >> Read More... Red Swastik , Mate Ani Dela Lakhye Faguna, and a lot more. In 2011 she had her directorial debut in the film Yeh Dooriyan Click to look into! >> Read More... Yeh Dooriyan in which she also played the role of Simi. Regarding her private life, she was married to Jeet Upendra Jeet Upendra is a Malayalam and Hindi film actor. >> Read More... Jeet Upendra for ten years and they have two sons. The couple got divorced in 2007, and now the actress is married to Keshav Arora with whom she acts in her directorial debut Yeh Dooriyan.

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Deepshikha, full name: Deepshikha Nagpal, is a famous Indian actress who has worked on the television screen and the big screen as well. She was born on 2ndof September 1977, in Mumbai (Maharashtra). She is also a famous Punjabi actress that had made her name in various Hindi TV Serials and Bollywood Movies. She has also worked in many Punjabi pop songs’ videos like the one in Daler Mehndi’s ‘DardiRabRab’. She stepped into the Hindi TV soaps from ‘ Ajnabi Ajnabi is a Hindi television show which aired on D >> Read More... Ajnabi ’ with her co-actor Dany Denzongpa. She has acted in the very famous TV serials like Shaktimaan and Sonpari. She was first married to JeetUpendra and had two children; an elder daughter named Vidhika and the younger son named Vivaan Upendra. She divorced Jeet Upendra after a marriage of 10 years. Deepshikha is currently married to Keshav Arora. They both married in the year 2012. Keshav Arora is a native of Indore, Madhya Pradesh. They both have worked together as her co-actor in the directorial debut ‘YehDooriyan’which was released in August 2011.

Deepshikha belonged to a family that is related to the field of acting. Her mother was an actor-cum-politician. Her father, Ashwini Kumar was a writer. She became a director of the guidance of her uncle, who was a cinematographer. She has also acted in Tamil movies and various TV serials. She was appreciated in the Hindi film industry for her role in Koyla. Her first Bollywood movie was 'Dhoom Dhadaka' with famous Indian actor . She has also acted in various other Bollywood movies with various artists. She started and got the appraisal as an actress in Punjabi movies, especially the one with 'Gurdaas Maan' as star cast. She has played roles in these Bollywood movies- Koyla, Baadshah, Red Swastik, Partner.

Her latest movie was Second Hand Husband Click to look into! >> Read More... Second Hand Husband (2015) released last year. She has recently played a role in a TV soap that was telecast on Sab TV channel, named as Yam Hai Hum. She has been in various reality shows as a contestant, like in Nach Baliye Whooping success to its credit of 145 episodes and >> Read More... Nach Baliye season 5 with her spouse Keshav Arora, and in Bigg Boss Show Story Coming Soon... >> Read More... Bigg Boss season 8. She is currently living in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She was in the highlights when she filed a police complaint against her husband Keshav Arora, charging him with domestic violence. But now it seems like they both have resolved their disputes and are now living happily. She is a very talented actress. Her wish is to work once with the legendary actor, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan Amitabh Bachchan was conceived on October 11, 1942 >> Read More... Amitabh Bachchan .

Deepika Upadhyay Hindi Actress

Deepika Upadhyay

Deepika Upadhyay is a talented Television actress who made her debut in Television industry with the role of Ganga in super popular show on Life OK channel' Devon ke Dev- Mahadev'.Devon ke Dev-Mahadev is a Hindu mythological drama based on the research work done by Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik who is a very famous researcher in Hindu mythology and a noted management guru. From the ideas developed by Dr.  Pattanaik, the storyline has been developed by Aniruddha Pathak and gives many details incorporated regarding Hindu deities in the ancient religious books which were hitherto unknown to the general populace. Ganga is the elder daughter of King Himavan and Queen Mainavati and a sibling of Parvati who resides in swarga. When she meets the lord Shiva, she falls in love with him and expresses her feelings to the lord with an intention of marrying the lord Shiva. Shiva gets annoyed and tells her that he would not marry anybody else but the re-incarnation of Sati and tells her to go away. Ganga is converted to river goddess who resides on the head of Shiva and has a boon to wash away the sins of anybody who takes a dip in the river. Since then, Ganga is a river flowing across North India considered to be the most sacred river and anybody who takes a dip in the river, is pure in life as his sins are washed away by the sacred river.Deepika is receiving great appreciation for her performance in the serial. By her performance in this very first serial, she has proved her worth and industry is looking to forward to many more great performances from her.


Deepti Dhyani

Deepti Dhyani, or Dipti Dhyani, is a well-known actress of Hindi television. She hails from Garhwal and is very pretty looking. She lived in Dehradun in her childhood and studied at GGIC, Pauri. Deepti is very well known for her performance in Kairi-Rishta Khatta Meetha and Chanchhan, which was named as Modern Bahu in pre-production stage. Both the serials were aired on Sony TV. These two roles were diametrically opposite roles in their nature and Deepti performed so well in both these roles that her popularity chart went sky rocketing. Deepti performed the role of a traditional bahu in Kairi-Rishta Khatta Meetha as Kusum Prakash Srivastava. It was the story of a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law trying to settle down on their relationships while making efforts to claim their rights from each other. The lead roles were played by Hema Singh and Preeti Chaudhary as mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Deepti was in a supporting role. On the other hand, Deepti played the role of a modern bahu in the serial 'Chhanchhan' as Ranjana, one of the Bahus of a family where the mother-in-law prefers a traditional bahu. Ranjana is a modern girl with independent ideas of her own, and she is one person who is not ready to accept the rule of her mother-in-law. Her performances in both the serials were par excellence and received many accolades from the viewers as well as critics. She gave another notable performance in another serial Chandragupta Maurya. She met the man of her dreams on the sets of Chandragupta Maurya, Sooraj Thapar, a co-actor in the serial. Sooraj is also a well-known actor in the Hindi Television serials. They got married on December 9, 2012, and were blessed with a son. Another version of this story... Deepti Dhyani, or Dipti Dhyani, is an Indian TV actress and well known for his portrayal of Kusum Prakash Shrivastav in Kairi — Rishta Khatta Meetha, a typical Indian soap opera about a Hitler type Mother in Law. Her role in this serial was widely appreciated, and it strengthened her position as an actress in show business. Deepti is basically from Dehradun, Uttarakhand and she completed all his education from there. After completion of her studies, she came to Mumbai to try her luck in the TV industry. After some initial struggle she bagged a role in Mata Ki Chowki (Sudesh Berry as main lead), Sahara One serial and once this serial was over, she never looked back. Another notable serial in which she acted was Chajje Chajje Ka Pyaar where she played the wife of Mazher Sayed. Deepti is married to Sooraj Thapar, an actor known for his roles in Ekk Nayi Pehchaan and Bani Ishq the Kalma. Recently, she became a proud mom when she delivered a baby boy. Both Sooraj and Deepti love each madly and are very happy. The lady from Dehradun has a very cooperative nature. She loves traveling and going to new places. She is also a great cook and loves cooking for her family We wish all the best to this talented actress.

Deepti Dhyani Hindi Actress