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Writing Expresses Ideas Uninterrupted

A writer is a person who writes short stories, poems, novels-fictional or non-fictional, television dramas, songs, screenplays, etc. There are various genres that a writer can specialize in, for example- thrillers, melodrama, comedy, romance, satire, horror and much more. When a writer writes scripts for a film, he is called a screen writer. The soul of any movie lies in the story it is based on. Hence, it is the first step in the process of making a film.

Screen writers also pen the dramatic or hard hitting dialogues that are crucial for captivating audience’s interest, especially during promotions of the film, before its release. The writer takes the script do different directors. When a director finds the story interesting and agrees to make a film on it, the script is taken to different producers to find someone who can sponsor the expense of the fees of the actors, singers and other artists who work in the production of the movie.

Sometimes, movies are based on famous novels or books. In such cases, the story and its license have to be bought by the producers before making a film on it. Writers who write songs for the movies are called lyricists. The songs are written with the script of the film in mind. The lyrics are written according to the situation in the plot where the song will be played. Bollywood’s renowned script writers and lyricists are as follows.