Elijah Bynum is the writer-director of Hot Summer Nights Click to look into! >> Read More... Hot Summer Nights , born and raised in Amherst, Massachusetts.The story of Hot Summer Nights is based in the same state. This project was his Directorial-debut. The movie revolving around the era of 1991 is about a teenage guy being involved with a town rebel in friendship, later-on webbed in a drug circle after falling in love with a girl. The whole drama is set in a single stormy summer at Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Financed by Imperative Entertainment, the production started in the summer of 2015. The movie was premiered in South by Southwest on the 13th of March this year. The story is supposedly a true incident. The inspiration drawn from, as stated is from a story he heardby his neighborhood as a teenager, involving drug dealers.

The première thence set in South by Southwest was to keep his nostalgia alive as so the movie was driven by his memories of his backyards in Massachusetts, though the shooting took place in Atlanta. This script including one more name, Mississippi Mud was listed in the Black List 2013. He was the only writer to have two scripts in the list. Bynum was a marketing and economics major from University of Massachusetts Amherst (Mass), before he realized he did not want to follow his career on that path. He interned and covered a script at Mandalay Pictures to further explore his way into writing. Although never sure of himself as an entertainer from the beginning he did recognize his choice in storytelling and movies as peculiar, in a good way.

The internship got him a job at Creative Artists Agency (CAA), where he worked for about eight months before being positioned in the nonprofit department of the agency. Before working for the producers he sought himself into more struggle of screenwriting. His first draft sanctioned him back to the literature desk as an assistant in the company. He completed his first script, Mississippi Mud in 2011 but never got it read before the early of 2013. He marked that piece of work of his as ‘a dirty little secret’ until unveiled two years later. He finished Hot Summer Nights after leaving his job at the company. He was working on Anonymous Contents at that point. Hot Summer Nights gained him best of publicity, abundant enough to make it difficult for him to handle. From then onwards he connected with Verve and Kaplan/Perron to handle the management section and to represent himself