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Award-winning writer, creator, and animator David "Dave" Ingham is best recognized for his work on 'Thomas & Friends.' Among his other credits are Fireman Sam (2009), Horrid Henry, Tracey Beaker Returns, Charlie and Lola, Shaun the Sheep, Bob the Builder, Roary the Racing Car, The Secret Show, Kipper the Dog, and The Octonauts. He recently joined the Create & Make judging panel for Child Line. As the show's head writer, he's working on a reboot of 'Kazoops!' and 'The Clangers.'

His work spans a wide range of artistic genres and humorous content. And, his light touch in his projects makes him a sought-after figure in the industry. Dave has written several feature-length specials and prefers live-action and animation. He also received several projects as a lead writer, ranging from fundamental conceptions to broadcast and prizes.

David worked as a writer in various TV series, including The Koala Brothers The koala brothers show has been broadcasted on Di >> Read More... (2003-2007), Charlie and Lola (2005-2008), Bernard’s Watch (2005), Hero Gliffix (2020), Little Princess (2007-2020), Chip and Potato (2018-2019), Night Zookeeper (2019), and Luo Bao Bei (2016). His other works include Shaun the Sheep - Series 5 (2016), Boj (2014), Fireman Sam.

David worked as the lead writer for several best-known books, including Stars ‘N' Cars (2008), Express Delivery (2008), The Itch of the Golden Nit (2011), Can We Have Our Ball Back (2007), Slugsy’s Rescue (2006), and The Flowertot Taxi: Read To Me Storybook (2008). His literary expertise and knowledge are acclaimed throughout his creative writing career.

He is the creator and writer of 'Bob the Builder,' a British stop motion animated children's television series. 'HIT Entertainment and Hot Animation,' by Keith Chapman, produced the show. Bob, his coworker Wendy, various neighbors and acquaintances, and their gang work as a construction contractor in an animated program in the series. The lead characters specialize in masonry. Bob and his team assist with renovations, construction, and repairs, and other works needed in each episode. They show empathy on various learning skills like conflict resolution, cooperation, and socializing.

The sitcom aired in many countries later. However, it all began in the United Kingdom, with English actor Neil Morrissey providing Bob's voice. With the spin-off series “Ready, Steady, Build!,” the show continues to incorporate CGI animation. 'Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank Engine's ' British owners sold the company to 'Mattel,' a US toy company, for $680 million in 2011.


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