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Colin Wilson was a British Philosopher, novelist, and writer. He was born on 26th June 1931 in Leicester, England. He wrote many novels on paranormal activities, mysticism, and true crime stories. His father, Arthur Wilson used to work in a shoe factory. He went to Gateway Secondary Technical School. His interest his science was sparked by his teachers. He compiled his work of essays and created a book named A Manual of General Science. He did this when he was 14 years old. He completed his school at the age of sixteen and switched to literature. After that, he started writing novels, stories, and essays. After completing his high school studies, Colin worked as a lab assistant at his old school and later went to Civil services. In 1949, he went to the Royal Air Force. He was dismissed from this job because of clashing with the authorities. He meandered around the streets Europe working on small jobs but didn’t work regularly. Colin married his first wife, Betty Troop. They both moved to London after getting married. But the marriage didn’t last long because of Colin’s job issues. Colin started working on his first novel named Ritual in the Dark in the year 1960. After that, he became friends with three other writers namely Stuart Holroyd, Laura Del Rivo, and Bill Hopkins. After that, he married his second wife, Joy Stewart. They had three children. His most recognized work was the novel The Outsider. The Outsider was published by Gollancz in the year 1956. The Outsider became the best-selling book in Britain. The novel has been translated into more than thirty languages and never went out of print since then.

After The Outsider, Colin worked with the Angry Young Man Click to look into! >> Read More... of the British Literature. He contributed to some of their greatest works like Declaration, Protest: The Beat Generation, and many more. Colin and his writing friends were considered as the sub-group of the Angry Young Men. After the success of The Outsider, Colin wrote his second novel, Religion, and Rebel in the year 1957. The novel was universally criticized by every critic. He wrote his sixth philosophical book called The Outsider Cycle in the year and also started working on his other projects namely Introduction to the New Existentialism. Introduction to the New Existentialism was published in the year 1966. The book was again printed in 1980 as The New Existentialism. His third book of The Outsider Cycle called The Age of Defeat was published in 1959. He wrote many small philosophical and paranormal stories which include Super Consciousness, Access to Inner Worlds, Watching the Bird, Man Without a Shadow, The Return of the Lloigor, A Novelization of Events in the Life and Death of Grigori Efimovich Rasputin, and many more. He passed away at 82 due to a stroke.


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