John Zinman is a writer and producer. He frequently works with his writing companion Patrick Massett. The work of the duo is highly appreciated and always has high demand in the Film Business. John works both for Television and Films. John is best known for his drama series on the popular channel NBC called Friday Night Lights. He also works as the Executive Producer for numerous TV Series, and some big screen flicks. He started writing with the show on the hit network ABC called Veritas: The Quest.

Patrick and John were also the co-creators and executive producers for the show. John has also been partners with Shawn Ryan. The duo together co-executive produces the shows – The Chicago Code, Last Resort and Friday Night Lights. NBC’s hit show “The Blacklist” is co-executive produced by John and his companion James Spader. The Blacklist has received great TV ratings and hence boosted John’s career as an Executive Producer.

Along with the numerous rewards and appreciations, John Zinman was nominated for his work in the drama series Friday Night Light for four Writers Guild of America Awards. In February 2007, the Writers Guild of America nomination was for the Best New Series for the first season of the show. In the following year, February 2008, he was nominated by the Writers Guild of America for best Dramatic Series. This nomination was for the second season of the soap opera.

In the year February 2009, he was nominated for the third time for the Best Dramatic Series and this was for the third season of Friday Night Lights. Subsequently, for the fourth season of the show, he was selected for the same category by the Writers Guild of America. John was also the executive producer of the show which eventually won an Emmy Award. John Zinman along with his writing companion Patrick Massett are the writers for the blockbuster flick ‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raider’.

The movie cast superstar Angeline Jolie. He has also penned for numerous episodes in different seasons for series like The Finder, Last Resort, and 2009’s Knight Rider. Patrick and John Zinman have a deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment which is said to be an overall television deal. ‘ Gold’ was produced and written by John Zinman in the year 2016. In the year 2017, John is working on his new feature which is caller The Wild One Hundreds. This is his independent feature, and he will be writing as well as will be the Executive Producer of the film.

Patrick Massett English Actor

Patrick Massett

Patrick Massett was born on March 6, 1962, in the US. He is a very popular film actor, television actor, Producer and Screenwriter as well. He started his career in the year 1985 and is still contributing to the industry. He played the role of Duras in Sins of the father, Reunion and Star Treck: The Next Generation. He is an amazing and very expressive actor. The audience appreciates his performance very much. He has done many popular movies, played outstanding roles in them, wrote their screenplay as well and made the movies worth watching. He has also worked in the noteworthy series like Syfy series named Caprica and NBC series named Friday Night Lights; both the series are brilliant. He loves writing as well and many times he has written for his partner John Zinman. He also got nominated for many awards for his writings. He got nominated for four Writers Guild Of America awards for Friday Night Lights. In the year 2007 in February he got nominated for Writers Guild America Award for his amazing work in Friday Night Lights. In the year 2008, he was nominated for Writers Guild Of America Award for the Best Dramatic Series for the next season of Friday Night Lights. He was also nominated for the Best Dramatic Series award in the year 2009 for the third season of Friday Night Lights. Patrick again got nominated for the fourth season of Friday Night Lights in the year 2010 for the Best Dramatic Series. He did an outstanding job in Friday Night Lights. Friday Night Lights is an NBC series and this series is a drama one and the audience like it a lot. As a writer, Patrick joined the team of NBC and he was also the Producer of the very first season of Friday Night Lights. He was also the writer of the movie Lara Coft: Tomb Rider and he have written this film with John Zinman. In the year 2016, the movie Gold got released and Patrick is the Co-writer of the film and he is the producer as well. He started his career with Veritas: The Quest in the year 2003 with ABC. Patrick and his partner John Zinman both together produced and Co-Created the series. He was also the Co-Executive Producer of The Chicago Code in the year 2011 and Last Resort in the year 2012 and the Executive Producer was Shawn Ryan. At NBC he also did The Blacklist in the year 2013 as the Co-Executive Producer and much more.


Nicholas Kazan

Nicholas Kazan is a screenwriter, director, and producer. He was born on September 15, 1945, in New York, US. Nicholas is the son of Academy Award winner director Elia Kazan, and his first wife, Molly Kazan. He got married to Robin Swicord in 1984. His wife is also a well-known screenwriter and director. The screenplay of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the movie which received an Oscar nomination, was written by her. He has two daughters named Zoe Kazan and Maya Kazan. Both of them are American actresses. Nicholas' journey of becoming a screenwriter began with a play called Ballgame which he wrote in his college days. He was more into theater until the late 1980's. During this period, he worked for The Impact Company of the Improvisational Theater Project as a writer and also produced a few plays in New York. He made his screenwriting debut with Showboat 1988 in 1977. He was one of the four writers of the movie. Another film he penned with Christopher Devore and Eric Bergren was a biopic named Frances. Though, it was not a huge success. The next film he wrote was – At Close Range. In 1990, he wrote the screenplay of Reversal of Fortune, a movie about a man Claus von Bulow accused of murdering his wife, Sunny von Bulow. This movie was a milestone in Nicholas' life. He got an Oscar nomination for Reversal of Fortune for Best Screenplay. He penned screenplays for many movies such as Patty Hearst, Mobsters, Dream Lover, Matilda, Homegrown, Fallen, Bicentennial Man, Enough, and The Whole Truth. Enough got released in 2002, and after that, he took a break from screenwriting. He made his comeback with Brilliant in 2012. His recent work as a screenwriter is The Whole Truth, released in 2016. Nicholas established himself as a director in 1993. He made his directorial debut with Dream Lover in 1993. He also produced and co-produced a few movies including Silence, Fallen, Matilda, and Reversal of Fortune.

Nicholas Kazan English Actor