Bonnie Curtis English Actress
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Being in film production, Bonnie Kathleen Curtis; who was born on 26th march, 1966- turned 51 this year.She lives with her husband Kim Lincoln, and daughter Maggie. She made herself a big hit after producing a movie which had beennominated for three Oscars and two years back, finally Curtis was also inducted in the Texas Film Hall of Fame. She basically gave a major part of her life in producing great films like Saving Private Ryan, Jurassic Park – The Lost World, which not only was a hit on the international aspect but made great reviews in India as well. She, along with ; another great producer, produced Albert Nobbs; which was immensely successful.

Mentioning about Saving Private Ryan, Curtis became the recipient of the Producers Guild Award in 1999 for Motion Picture Producer of the year. Talking from the beginning, Curtis is a 1988 graduate and she also majored in journalism in which she was awarded ‘for distinguished professional achievement.’ Her earliest productions are- Arachnophobia and Dead Poets Society. In her career, she worked along with a lot of actors like , Tom cruise, and more. She also started working with Steven Spielberg Steven Spielberg is an American producer, director >> Read More... Steven Spielberg as a production assistant in 1989 which further inclined as a 17 year old professional relationship.

She also discussed the support of Spielberg in the fundraising work of Gay, Lesbian and Straight education network, which they both are interested for! Along with being a producer, Curtis is also known as an event speaker. She has made manyappearances at Chicago Ideas Week in 2014 as well as at many company retreats as well. She also worked at Disney for a year and a half She was also known to go out for ‘Meet The Crew’ from the principal photography on her next film and chose to talk to her fans for an hour, which definitely highlights many aspects of her personality.

She says describing a producer for her is actually her way of producing. She also mentioned that the thing which interested her the most was the different aspects of production and personalities. She always felt her way-in because she knew that she was fairly good at this part and then she finally moved to Los Angeles to express her love for films, and luckily; she immediately found production work on Dead Poets society. After that she produced Chumscrubber with Lawrence Bender in 2005. In 2002, Curtis was also featured as one of the 30 ‘Great Women Of Film’ in Helena Lumme’s best-selling book. Recently, she has been a keynote speaker and she spent her last decade speaking on various podiums for American film institute and film festivals all over the globe.