David Yates is a British short film, movie and TV director. In his nearly thirty-year career, he has been engaged in several projects, the most famous of which were the final four Harry Potter movies. His work in the series got him mainstream recognition as well as many awards and other successful projects to work on. Beginning his career in 1988, he made a short film titled When I Was A Girl; it gained enough recognition to earn him a gig at BBC directing another short film titled Oranges and Lemons.

He continued working on short films, making another two of those, before landing a job at ITV, another prominent British TV station. He worked on directing certain episodes of a series called The Bill, a show based on police life. He broke into the film industry with The Tichborne Claimant, gaining himself more recognition in the process.

He returned to doing TV work, directing episodes of The Sins, a BBC miniseries, as well as The Way We Live Now, a show inspired by the book with the same title. He ended up working in a variety of shows including The Young Visitors and Sex Traffic before finally landing his big break: he was appointed a director of the fifth Harry Potter movie. Titled 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix', the film was Yates’ first major budget film.

The movie was well received critically; however, it did receive fan backlash for not only running too short (it was the shortest running movie of the entire series so far, despite the fifth book being the most voluminous book of the lot) but also omitting many key storylines, including the Quidditch matches. The success of the film saw him reappointed to direct 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' which focused on a book which led to the downfall of Voldemort.

While some critics appreciated the film, it once again went down negatively with fans who rightfully felt that the movie script deviated too far from the book. Nevertheless, he was signed on to direct the last two movies; 'Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows' and would be to be split into two parts so as to not exclude any important plotlines.

Both movies received plaudits aplenty, including praise from ' J K Rowling Joanne Rowling was born on 31st July in 1965, in E >> Read More... ' herself. Post-Harry Potter, Yates worked on 'The Legend of Tarzan', a film based on the cartoon character. It received mixed reviews but did well at the box office. He was subsequently signed on to direct three films based on the Harry Potter offshoot book writer by Rowling titled, 'Fantastic Beasts' and 'Where to Find Them', which will focus on the magical and non-magical creatures.

David Winkler English Actor

David Winkler

David Winkler is a director as well as a producer from America. He is well- known for his work in the movies Finding Graceland, of 1998, ‘Devour’, of 2005, ‘Creed’, of 2015, and Christmas Caper, of 2007. Charles Winkler, the American film and television director, as well as producer, is his brother. Adam Winkler is a teacher of constitutional law at the University Of California Los Angeles School of Law. He is David’s sibling too. David’s parents are from this field too. Irwin Winkler is an American director as well as producer, who was nominated for nine Academy awards and won an Oscar. Their mother, Margo Winkler, was an American actress too, who was seen mostly doing small supporting roles in films. David was the director of the movie, Finding Graceland. Cary Brokaw produced it. It is a Hollywood film released in 1998. In the picture, the lead character stages the death of Elvis Presley, who was in fact alive. He then pretends to be him years after doing so. The lead actors of the movie are Harvey Keitel, Bridget Fonda, Johnathon Schaech, and Gretchen Mol. It’s premiere was at the Toronto International Film Festival. Another film he directed was ‘Devour’, which was produced by Daniel Bigel. It is an American horror motion picture. This film revolves around Jake Grey, the lead character, who unravels the mystery behind an online game called ‘The Pathway’, which was created by devil worshipers to track down a person. Later, Jake learns that he is the person they have been searching for. Jensen Ackles plays Jake Grey. Other lead actors in the film are Dominique Swain, Shannyn Sossamon, William Sadler, and Teach Grant. It released on 31st of May, 2005. He stepped into production with the movie ‘Creed’. Irwin Winkler, his father, is also a co- producer of the film, along with a few others. Ryan Coogler directed it. It is an American sports drama film. It is a part of the ‘Rocky’ film series. It stars renowned actors such as Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Phylicia Rashad, Anthony Bellew and Tessa Thompson. It was released in the month of November 2015, in the United States of America. Michael B. Jordan plays the role of Adonis Johnson Creed and Sylvester Stallone plays Rocky Balboa. Sylvester Stallone won many Best Supporting Actor Awards for his role in the movie. Christmas Caper of 2007 was also directed by him. His picture, Creed, won a Black Reel Award in 2016 for Outstanding Motion Picture.