Julie Lynn English Actress
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Conversing about production circuit, Julie Lynn – the wife of Douglas smith and a mother of two kids; comes into the picture. She is basically credited as an Executive Producer and she was the one who was selected to produce the 6th Annual Governors Awards at Hollywood and Highland. She also is a partner in Mockingbird pictures which she formed herself in 1999 and now takes it ahead along with Curtis who joined it in 2011. It is basically awaiting the release of two films currently, but its latest release was The Sweet Life Click to look into! >> Read More... Life , which is currently being distributed digitally by the Orchard.

Everyone in this industry knows that Lynn and Curtis did wonderful jobs together and to prove this statement, there are various examples like- The Face of Love, Albert Nobbs, Last Days in the Dessert etc which got three Oscar nominations and actually it is a great deal. Since two years, she also served as a producer in screenwriting awards presentation and live reading with a great director Rodrigo Garcia. Julie and Bonnie are two talented producers who mentioned thanking everyone for giving them the opportunity to serve the Academy Nicholl Fellowships. She serves as a story consultant for Pixar studios currently and along with it, she is also a member of the academy of the Motion picture Arts and Sciences. Her other credits include ‘The Jane Austen Book Club’, ‘The Mother and Child’, ‘5 to 7’, ‘Nine lives’, ‘Wakefield’, ‘ Passengers Click to look into! >> Read More... Passengers ’, ’10 Items or less’, ‘The sweet life’, ‘To the Bone’, ‘Life’ and ‘Revolucion’. So in total, she has successfully produced fourteen movies till date which received a great review and rating. When she asked about her do’s and don’ts, she replied in don’ts that giving actors their private peace and space should always be in concern; don’t neglect it because it throws the hard-work and creative work out. Then she says that no one should assume shooting the complicated scenes easily, without keeping the extras in the place and control; especially the ones which are full of crowd. She says accomplishment becomes very rare at that point. She adds up by saying that at the time of production, there is no need to jump in contingency as there are so many by which a person gets attacked financially at any specific instant.

Then she discussed a few points about the do’s in the production circuit in which she particularly talked about the sets of the movies which require a lot of money to be put on their dressing, so she said use the sets which already are quite dressed and decorated so that a bit of funding is saved. She also added that the crew becomes grumpy if they are not properly fed, so never take the chance of leaving them hungry. Quite a basic thing told by her was that whenever crew people are hired, it is needed to make them assured about their job for the film’s sound editing, screening, makeup etc so that they already start a plan for preparations in their mind; due to which the performance gets enhanced of these people. This was all about her do’s and don’ts tips in production.

Talking about her company, Mockingbird pictures made her a hit and because of it, she could showcase her talent!