Adrian Askarieh English Actor
Other Skills
    - Producer

Adrian Askarieh is a Hollywood producer. In 2004, he established the Prime Universe Films. He aimed at making and producing movies which are based on video games and comic books. He also believed in keeping originality of the movies and giving a fresh and innovative feel to its movies which would have a big international appeal. Adrian has done his studies from California State University at Long Beach in Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. In 1997, he passed the California bar exam in the first attempt. Initially, Adrian practiced as an Associate Attorney at Kleinberg & Lerner in Los Angeles. He has specialized in the field of property rights of an individual and companies that involved in entertainment and multimedia. He used to deal with clients that were associated with video games and top five comic book companies. In 2002, he left the practice of law to perceive his dreams in producing. In 2005, Adrian produced ‘Hitman’ which was a selling video game with Chuck Gordon (Field Of Dreams).

The movie was set in theatres in 2007 and grossed around $100 million worldwide and additional $81 million in DVD sales. The movie starred Timothy Olyphant Timothy Olyphant is an Actor from America. He was >> Read More... Timothy Olyphant as the Agent 47. After the success of ‘Hitman’, Adrian produced the action game franchise Kane & Lynch. The movie starred Gerard Butler Spartans! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty. For >> Read More... Gerard Butler as ‘Kane’. He has also produced the adaptation of one of the most lavish video game into movies. He paired up with producer Roy Lee and Scott Derrickson Scott Derrickson is an American screenwriter, dire >> Read More... Scott Derrickson , the writer and director of CBS Films for making the blockbuster Deus Ex: Human Revolution into a feature film. In 2010, along with Roy Lee he sold his original concept of Leonardo Da Vinci and the Soldiers of Forever to Warner Brothers. In 2015, the sequel to Hitman was released as ‘Hitman: Agent 47’ starring Rupert Friend The famous Hollywood actor Rupert Friend was born >> Read More... Rupert Friend , Thomas Kretschmann, Ciaran Hinds Ciaran Hinds is an Irish television, film and stag >> Read More... Ciaran Hinds , Hannah Ware Hannah Rose Ware, an English model, and an actress >> Read More... Hannah Ware , and . The movie was a huge hit and collected around $80 million worldwide.