Don Simpson English Actor
  • DOB : 29-10-1943
  • Date of death: 19-01-1996
  • Star Sign : Scorpio

Don Simpson was an American screenwriter, actor and film producer. He is known for his collaboration with Jerry Bruckheimer Jerry Bruckheimer is one of the most successful Am >> Read More... Jerry Bruckheimer , as a producer. They are known for movies like Beverly Hills Cop, The Rock, Flashdance, and Top Gun Click to look into! >> Read More... Top Gun . His movies were a huge hit and would gross more than $3 billion worldwide. He was born in Washington. His parents were Russell J. Simpson, and June Hazel. His father was a mechanic at Boeing, and his mother was a housewife. He grew up in Alaska and went to West Anchorage High School. He did his graduation from the University of Oregon. He shifted to San Francisco after his graduation and worked at a theatrical advertising agency. He played the role of a public relations executive for the First International Erotic Film Festival. He shifted to Los Angeles in 1970 and worked for Warner Bros as a marketing executive. In 1973, he worked at Paramount Pictures. He worked as a co-writer for the movie Cannonball, in 1976.

He even did a small role in the movie. In 1981, he earned the position of president at Paramount production. He left the Paramount Production in 1982. He is known for his collaboration with Jerry Bruckheimer, as a producer. They are known for movies like Beverly Hills Cop, The Rock, Flashdance, and Top Gun. In 1985 and 1988 they both won the National Association of Theatre Owners in the category of Producers of the Year. In 1990, he signed a five-year deal with Paramount Productions along with Bruckheimer. The contract was reported to be about $300 million. In the same year, they produced Days of Thunder by Tony Scott. The movie starred Nicole Kidman Pronounced as one of the sexiest women alive and a >> Read More... Nicole Kidman , , Robert Duvall Robert Duvall is a veteran actor and filmmaker kno >> Read More... Robert Duvall , Cary Elwes Cary Elwes (D.O.B- 26 October 1962) is an English >> Read More... Cary Elwes , Michael Rooker in the lead roles.

The movie even featured real-life NASCAR racers like Harry Gant, Rusty Wallace, and Neil Bonnett. The movie had a mixed appreciation from the audience and collected $158 million from the theaters. The movie was that much of a hit as the previous movies of Simpson and Jerry. They both blamed Paramount Production for the low profit of the movie saying that they had rushed into the production. In return, Paramount Production gave an explanation that Simpson and Jerry had overspent on the movie. The two, however, after a short span left Paramount Production. The duo next worked for Disney. Their first movie was The Ref in 1994 for Disney. The movie did not get a good response in the theaters. Their other movies include Bad Boys, Dangerous Minds, and Crimson Tide. All the three films released in 1995 and were a huge success. Simpson is known for his lavish spending on his movies and personal life. He was given the title of "party animal". He used to take cocaine and over the years his intake kept on increasing. Due to the use of drugs he had become very aggressive and his bad attitude was known in the whole industry making a bad reputation in the industry.

His friends Jeffrey Katzenberg Jeffery Katzenberg is an American film producer, a >> Read More... Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen David Lawrence Geffen or David Geffen is an Americ >> Read More... David Geffen had attempted to take him to the rehab. He had refused to go to the rehab. In 1995, Dr. Stephen Ammerman was appointed to bring him out of his addiction. Dr. Ammerman himself was a drug abuser. Jerry Bruckheimer broke his partnership with Simpson due to his excessive drug use. They worked together in The Rock, which was their last movie. On January 19, 1996, Simpson died due to heart failure caused by excessive use of cocaine. He was found dead in his residence in Los Angeles. The Rock released after his death and was dedicated to him. He never got married to anyone nor had any children.