Tarika Khan is a Hollywood producer who has worked in several TV commercials, shows, Short movies, Hollywood films and Model shots with well-known celebrities from Los Angeles, California, USA. She used to work in the miscellaneous crew and got to assistant produce some of the known projects. The Producer has more than ten years of experience under her hat. Some of the short films from her work which got acknowledged include “Father Time (2008), a short-adventure based movie starring Emilio, Josh and Jerry Reynolds, about a boy who could connect to his abusive father. The film was appreciated for the simplicity and direction, “The Clean-up Crew (2008),” a short Comedy based movie, which cast Dale Midkiff Dale Alan Midkiff is an American actor. He was bor >> Read More... Dale Midkiff and Richard, about a quirky crime-scene cleaning company and “Before I Wake (2009),” about the struggles faced by a man named ‘ Noah Click to look into! >> Read More... Noah ’ after quitting his job, the film was a short-fantasy/mystery based project starring Gary Casey, Evan and Josh, which was appreciated all around the social-media platform and hit millions of views.

In 2012, the producer got the chance to produce a reality-TV show, “Gus” based on family, taking on the questions related to the news. The show was a hit and viewers loved the concept. Beck Bennet, Nathan and Sapphire worked on the show. Tarika got the chance to work in a Hollywood movie “Road to the Well,” starring Micah, Rosalie, Laurence and Barak Hard in the lead cast. The film was directed by Jon Cvack. Khan worked under the miscellaneous crew and got the experience of a lifetime.