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Jin Qiaoqiao is a Chinese actress born on April 21st in the year 1975 at Liaoning, Shenyang, China. She is not only an actor but also a singer, anchor and a hostess of Manchu ethnic origin. Jin Qiaoqiao was born in an educated family where her father is a teacher in Heping District. By the time she reached seven, Jin Qiaoqiao had started learning artistic gymnastics and also ballet when she turned eight.

She decided that her life should revolve around films and joined Beijing Film Academy and graduated with majors in acting in 1998. Soon after the completion of her studies, Jin Qiaoqioa got a role as princess Kongque for the TV series, Journey to the West. This serial brought so much fame to Jin Qiaoqiao that she became very popular in small screen industry. Journey to the West was a major hit and reached top one position in the TRP and best ratings when aired in China.

Even before that in 1995, Jin Qiaoqioa made her debut film in the Chinese language; for the movie Crime. Though she had a small role as Qin Yanmei, she did her best to that role. After the TV series, Journey to the West in 1999 she acted in her second film, Through Taoyuan for the character Xia Lian. She worked amazingly for this role, and Jin Qiaoqioa had nominated to the 17th China Golden Globe Awards. After taking a break for four years, Jin Qiaoqioa came back to the industry after deciding to start her own movie company. She founded her own firm; Beijing Qiaoqiao Movie and TV Cultural Communications company and started producing her own films and TV series.

Her first television serial that she produced was The Perfect Match which got acceptance from the audience. She worked for the TV serial that released in 2003 and acted the character Na Qiya for the picture Secret History of Great Grand King directed by You Xiaogang. This sitcom also brought positive reviews to Jin Qiaoqiao. More than movies, Jin Qiaoqiao appeared in serials. For series Legend of Xue Rengui, she had a role as the princess, Zhaoyang which aired in 2006 in China.

She almost acted in more than six serials. She won the Favorite Actress Award in 2010 for the movie Brother’s Happiness during Hauding Awards. In the same year, Jin Qiaoqiao also released her first album As Long As You Happy on 25th April. In 2011 she married a Chinese businessman Yu Dong and gave birth to a beautiful girl child in 2013, August 9th.


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