Sally Martin

Other names of Sally Martin: Sally Erana Martin

Sally Martin is an actress well-known for her work as Television Actress in Seven Periods with Mr. Gormsby, and The Killian Curse. Sally Martin was born on 14 May 1985 in Wellington, New Zealand. She completed her schooling from Chilton St. James School, Wellington. She used to have a keen interest in acting so she used to participate in various competitions and festivals.

She used to perform in festivals such as National Sheilah Winn Shakespeare festival, The New Zealand College Theatre sports, and others. She also won various awards in these competitions. She started her career at the age of 15, while she was studying in school. She made her debut as the character named Gemma in the TV show named, The Strip (New Zealand TV Series), directed by Alan Brash, starring Luanne Gordon, Renee Ellwood, Stephen Bain, Jodi Rimmer, Eddie Campbell.

Her performance was appreciable in the show and later in 2002, she was offered to work infamous TV series, Revelations as a character named Annie. In 2003, she worked in a famous TV series, “ Power Rangers Ninja Storm.” She played the role of Tori Hanson in the show. In 2004, she worked in Power Rangers Dino Thunder as a guest appearance, directed by Charlie Haskell, Andrew Merrifield, Paul Grinder, Douglas Sloan, and Britta Johnstone.

She was also offered a role in the famous TV series such as The Killing Curse directed by Thomas Robins and Wayne Vinton, Seven Periods with Mr. Gormsby starring David McPhall, Welcome to Paradise, My Story, NZ Post Campaign, and others. She has also done roles in various movies. She made her debut with the role of Charity Foster in the movie Murder in Greenwich, directed by Tom McLoughlin, starring Christopher Meloni, Robert Forster, Sally Martin, Maggie Grace, Jon Foster, Toby Moore, and Liddy Holloway.

She also played a role in the movie Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior in 2006, directed by John Laing, starring Brenda Song, Shin Koyamada. She also worked in a feature film named The Last Great Snail Chase as a character named Joie Wales, directed by Edward Lyden-Bell, starring Timothy Bartlett, Vivien Bell, Desiree Rose Cheer, and Jocelyn Christian as lead characters while Sally Martin featured as one of the supporting roles. She has been the part of famous TV series named “Shortland Street,” since 2009. This series is directed by Oliver Driver, Kiel McNaughton, Katherine McRae, Ian Hughes, Richard Barr, and Geoff Cawthorn.

Shruti Tewari English Actress

Shruti Tewari

Shruti Tewari is an investment banker turned actress and theater personality. She was born in India and later moved to New York for higher studies. She is known for her side as well as lead roles in movies like "Love Aaj Kal" (2009), "Bicycle Bride" (2010), "Sati Shaves Her Head" (2011), "Khazana" (2014), "Persistence of Memory" (2015) and "Steve Jobs" (2015) to name a few. This talented actress, now a mother, is actively involved in theaters and movies. Shruti studied at Columbia University and then went on to become a successful investment banker in JP Morgan in New York. All the while she was connected with theater. In one such show, the casting director of the Bollywood movie, "Love Aaj Kal", approached her and offered her the side role of a counselor in the film. Though she wasn’t noticed much in her debut, her next movie, "Bicycle Bride", brought her into the limelight. She played the lead role of Billo, the NY- based- Indian, anxious mom who wanted to get her young daughter married to a suitable man. The movie, directed by Hassan Zee, was awarded as the Best Feature Film in Soaiff Film Festival in 2010. Later in that year, she played the role of an abusive mother-in-law, Kanta, in "Foreign". She was praised for her role in the critically acclaimed film, "Khazana", where she played the role of Chand, a typically manipulative mother-in-law of the protagonist. She played the lead role of a programmer on the 2015 sci-fi short film, "Persistence of Memory". She was also seen in the 1998 Marketing Team of Apple Inc. in the Oscar- nominated biopic, "Steve Jobs", directed by Danny Boyle. Other films include "On Golden Years" (2014), "Family Party" (2015) and "Cold Pressed" (release date yet to be declared). She has worked in several short films alike: "Dearly Departed" (2010), "Karma" (2011), "The Dance of Death" (2011), "Shaya" (2013), "Torn" (2013), "Where We Go From Here" (2014)," All Quiet on the Homefront" (2016), and "Wall of Barbies" (2016). Her list of theater works is also quite impressive, and the notable ones include "Baby Taj" by Theatre Works in Mountain View, CA, "Mirrors of Mumbai" by Opera Piccola in Oakland and Shakespeare’s "Twelfth Night", where she played Maria, in San Jose. Her most remarkable act was in "Aftermath", where she played the protagonist Bassima- an Iraqi refugee woman who lost her husband and kids in a car bomb and got severely burned. This role, Shruti says, had left a deep impact on her. Shruti Tewari is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer and took her acting course from Seydways Studios in 2011. Many don’t know that she had also worked in Doordarshan in India. Tewari covered the Mandira Bedi Fashion Show for Urban Asia, sponsored by Janata Connection and Jabong World, in Bay Area in 2015. Apart from acting, she had also worked in corporate industries like Polycom, Green Finance, and Global Meridian. This multi-talented woman received the Certificate of Appreciation from the County and City of San Francisco for contribution to the arts through mentorship in juvenile halls and was also featured in Desi Lifestyle Magazine for the cover story about South Asian Achievers. She is currently juggling parenthood with acting, mentorship in theater and working in finance.


Traci Lombardo

Traci Lombardo is an expert dealer, collector, and an Americana. Traci was born and brought up in New Jersey. She helped her family in auctions since her childhood. Traci has a very vibrant personality and is a very successfully dealer. She has participated in numerous sales which we cannot even count. Traci has been playing the auction game for more than twenty-six years now and claims that her whole family is a business family. Traci says that she has the auction playing in her blood. If in a day she plays in five auctions, four is the number of sales she wins and multiplies it into One hundred and fifty. Traci is a multitalented person and has got a different style. She works to win. From a very young age, Traci started accompanying her family in the real estates and auction playing business. Her first biggest win was when, as a college student she played auction in which she invested thirty-five dollars for a French portfolio having 65 prints. She flipped this amount into an agreeable ten thousand dollars. Traci now has positions in many of the artwork museums, auctions houses and prestigious galleries in the city of New York. She has a spot in museums including Christie’s and Metropolitan Museum of Art. Traci has also worked as an appraiser and manager for Letellier in New Jersey. The highest value auction haul for Traci is twelve thousand dollars which also includes her biggest. The biggest auction she spent in dollars was eighteen hundred dollars. She tells about her major profit after turning to dollars was nine thousand seven hundred and fifteen dollars. She expresses that she invested just a small amount of dollars, i.e., thirty-five dollars for a French portfolio and sold it in sixty-five different prints at a price of one hundred and fifty dollars each and earned a lot of profit. Presently, Traci is working with Essex County College in New Jersey as a professor of art appreciation and art history. Coming to her graduation, she has a master’s degree in art history and museum studies. She took her graduation from the City College of New York. Traci also did B.A. in the historic preservation from the Rutgers University. She is a winner in herself and has always supported her family belonging to a business family herself.

Traci Lombardo English Actress