Isabel Kaif is a talented and inspired young actress who has done some very brilliant films. She has another close connection with the big screen, through her sister, the Bollywood diva – ‘ Katrina Kaif’. Isabel was born on 22nd March 1986 to the loving couple Mohammed Kaif and Susanna Turquotte.

This model and actress is now in pursuance of course in acting at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York, trying to polish up her acting skills. Even though she hasn’t done a Bollywood film, she has been seen to be preparing for it extensively. She is doing some short films in preparation for it.

She was seen to undertake projects such as Coming Home. This short film was her first project, which she did alongside with ‘ Harshvardhan Kapoor’, the son of never aging Bollywood Star ‘ Anil Kapoor’. The short movie was directed by ‘Steven Roy’. “Coming Home” was able to provide her with a great exposure to the cinema industry, making her better and ready to tackle the big budget Bollywood films.

Another project that she undertook was Dr.Cabbie. This was a Canadian romantic comedy film, in which Isabel played the role of ‘Simone’. She was able to complete the project playing alongside with many prominent stars such as ‘ Kunal Nayyar’, ‘ Vinay Virmani’, ‘ Adrianne Palicki’ and several others. ”Dr.Cabbie” was directed by the famous director ' Jean Francois Pouliot' and co-produced by one of the most eminent personas of the Bollywood cinema industry ‘ Salman Khan’.

The film revolves around an Indian doctor who migrates to Canada but is forced to become a taxi driver there. He turns the odds in favor for himself by treating his patients in the taxi itself. The film has also bagged an award in the Canadian Screen Awards. Isabel was fortunate to play the role opposite to Vinay Virmani.

Another project that was done brilliantly by her was Summum Bonum. This movie was released in the year 2014. The film directed by ‘Matias Penachino’ revolves around the lives of two brothers. Isabel played the role of Emma. Isabel Kaif has been seen to take up any opportunity to polish up her already innate acting talents, marveling her spectators every time.

With the amount of work she is doing, one can be sure as to how much acting means to her. It is this passion in her that drives her to keep on going and going until she has reached the pinnacle. The movies that she has completed will surely help her to make a grand appearance to the Bollywood film industry.


Another version of this bio...

Isabel Kaif is an English actress and model. She was born as Marie Isabel Turquotte but later took on her father’s last name. Her parents are both British. Her father, Mohammed Kaif, left the family when Isabel was very young. Her mother, Suzanne (also spelt as Susanna), is a charity worker. They got divorced when Kaif was very young. Her father was never around, and her mother raised her and her siblings, all by herself.

Since her mother worked for charity organizations all over the world, the family had to move a lot. Isabel was born in Hong Kong but has since stayed in China, Japan, France, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium and Hawaii, before finally moving to London. She, along with her siblings, was home-schooled by tutors.

Kaif said that she had always wanted to be a dancer. She started modeling when she was only fourteen. However, after taking an acting course at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, she wanted to give Cinema a shot. She had minor roles in the films “Summer Bonum “and “Coming Home”. She has also worked as an Assistant Director.

In 2012, she stated in an interview at the Indian Film Festival held at Los Angeles that she was producing a feature film in New York. So far details of it are not known. She is the younger sister of the famous Bollywood actress, Katrina Kaif. According to several rumors, Isabel had asked her elder sister to help her make her debut in the Hindi Film Industry, and Katrina was willing to help.

Katrina was said to have approached actor and producer ‘Salman Khan’, and director ' Karan Johar' to help launch her sister. However, Isabel was unable to make her debut in Bollywood, owing to the intense competition in the industry. Katrina later denied the rumors.

Isabel had her big break in acting when she got cast in the Canadian film Dr. Cabbie, produced by Salman Khan and directed by the French director ‘Jean Francois Pouliot’. The film also stars ‘Vinay Virmani’, ‘Adrianne Palicki’, and actor ‘Kunal Nayyar’, who is best known for playing Raj Koorthrapali on ‘The Big Bang Theory’.

The story deals with Deepak (Virmani), a doctor trained in India, who immigrates to Canada. Unable to get a job there, he becomes a taxi driver. Kaif plays Simone, the girlfriend of Tony (Nayyar), another cab driver and Deepak’s friend. Kaif described her character as a headstrong, tough chick. To promote the film, Kaif attended the Miss India Canada pageant held in Toronto.

Isabel considers her elder sister Katrina as her inspiration. She says that Katrina is always supportive and encourages her. On the best piece of advice she’s got from her sister, Isabel says that her sister always encouraged her to be hardworking and perseverant.



Iranganie Serasinghe English Actress

Iranganie Serasinghe

  Iranganie Roxanna Serasinghe is a Sri Lankan actor. She was born on 21st June in the year 1927. Her birthplace was Mudungomuwa, Ruwanwella in Sri Lanka.  She grew up there in a small village. She loved to study on nature since her childhood. It made her an environmental activist in future. She studied at Bishop College. Later, she attended Girls High School in Kandy. She acted in many plays. She played the lead role in the show Pygmalion. Her father was against her studies, but she attended the University of Ceylon with the help of her cousins in 1947. Her father passed away when she was in her first year.    Iranganie started doing acts in the theater of Ceylon and became a dancer under the guardianship of E.F.C. Ludowyk, a Professor. She used to follow Chitrasena. Later, after completing her graduation in Arts, her guardian recommended her to move to London. She got married to Dissanayake. He was a Professor. Soon, they divorced. Later, she went to Bristol Old Theater School and School of Speech and Dramatic Arts in London under the companionship of Sybil Thorndyke and Flora Robson.    After her one and two-year courses in London, she came back to Sri Lanka. Iranganie met Neumann Jubal and Ludowyk and returned to the theater and stage performances. Neumann was a Jew director. In 1953, Iranganie starred in The Lower Depths in the a newly opened theater named as The Lionel Wendt Art Center. Neumann Jubal produced it. She did many English works too. Later, she started working in the Sinhala Theater in Apata Puthe Magik Nether. It was a Henry Jayasena production. She appeared in A Streetcar Named Desire, Porisadaya, and New Muhunu. It was all under Damma Jagoda production. In the next years, she started teaching at Musaeus College, worked for The Times of Ceylon. She used to work at the SLBC with the designation of a junior executive and also as an instructor of Walkers Tours and Travels Private. Ltd. She started her cinema career with Be Sorry or Be Safe.  Lester James Peris produced it. The public applauded her work. In 1960, she got married to Winston Serasinghe.  Her other films  were Nisala Gira, Heart FM, Kinihiriya Mal, Water, Bollywood, and Iqbal. Some of her TV shows were Muthu Kirill, Amanda, and Nadal.   She had two children named Ravi Serasinghe and Ranjit Serasinghe. She is the aunt of Ranil Wickramasinghe, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.  


Izabella Scorupco

Izabella Scorupco is a prominent Polish-Swedish model, singer, and film actress. She was born as Isabela Dorota Skorupko on June 4, 1970, in Bialystok, Poland. Her parents got separated when she was just one year old, and her custody remains with her mother. At the age of eight, they shifted to Bredang in Sweden, where she learned Swedish, French, and English languages. During the late 80s, Izabella traveled to Europe and had worked as a model. She was once a cover of Vogue magazine. In the year 1987, director Staffan Hildebrand discovered her and cast her in the drama romance film, Ingen Kan älska som vi in 1988. In the early 90s, she made a short stint as a successful pop singer and had released the album, IZA. The album turned out to be a certified gold hit in Sweden in the year 1991. In the same year, Izabella has appeared as a single mother in the mini-series, V som I Viking. In 1995, she did a short film entitled Det var en mörk och storming natt. In 1999, she starred as Helena Kurcewiczówna in the Polish historical drama film, With Fire and Sword, which was helmed by Jerzy Hoffman. During that time, this film was the most expensive Polish film that was ever made with a budget of $8,000,000. In 2000, Izabella was part of the blockbuster American survival thriller film, Vertical Limit, which stars Chris O’Donnell. She later played as Alex Jensen in the British-Irish-American film, Reign of Fire, where Matthew McConaughey and Christian Bale starred in the lead roles. In 2004, she essayed the role of Sarah, a doctor who was haunted by the events that happened during the World War II, in the American horror film, Exorcist: The Beginning. In 2005, Izabella also appeared in the 4th season of the American action TV series, Alias, in episode 15 entitled Pandora. She was seen in the 2007 American film, Cougar Club, as Daniella Stack. Also in 2007, she bagged the main lead role in the Swedish thriller-drama film, Solstorm, which was adapted in Åsa Larsson’s novel titled, Sun Storm. In 2011, she returned to her singing career and had a duet with Peter Jöback in Jag Har Dig Nu. Subsequently, she starred in Jöback’s short film entitled La Vie, L’amour, Le Mort. She hosted the first season of the Swedish reality show, Top Model Sverige. In 2013, she shifted to a different genre and had entered the comedy world in Staffan Lindberg’s 2014 comedy film, Love is a Drug, opposite David Hellenius in the lead roles. She was last seen in Ryan Lightbourn’s 2015 horror film, Sleepwalker. Izabella got married to Mariusz Czerkawski, an ice hockey player, on December 25, 1996. They had one daughter named Julia, who was born in 1997. However, their relationship ended in 1998. She re-marries to Jeffrey Raymond in 2003, and they had a son named Jakob.

Izabella Scorupco English Actress