Alicia Witt English Actress

Alicia Roanne Witt is an actress of the American origin, singer, and lyricist. She was born on the 21st of August 1975 in Worcester, Massachusetts to a working class family. Both her parents were teachers.

Interestingly, she gained the ability to speak at the age of two and began to read at four! The five-year-old child prodigy opened the doors to her future as a celebrity by reciting Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet on ‘That’s Incredible’-a television show serving as a platform for people with unusual talents.

Luckily, it was David Lynch David Lynch is a renowned American film director, >> Read More... David Lynch famous director who spotted her on the show and became her guardian angel. She was just seven when Lynch made her perform as Alia in the film ‘Dune’ (1984). After working with Lynch, she got some minor roles in a few movies and episodes of TV series, but her first major lead role came ten years after ‘Dune’ in a film titled ‘Fun’.

The film revolved around two psychologically unhealthy teenager girls who murder an old lady. Her first lead won her the "Special Jury Recognition" Award at Sundance. Even though she has been more inclined towards films and television, theater too was not left behind as Alicia took to the stage in 2001 in L.A.

Her first work was in a play titled ‘ The Gift Click to look into! >> Read More... The Gift ’. The film titled ‘Playing Mona Lisa’ in 2000 was a stepping stone to success as she was acknowledged with the Best Actress Award at the US Comedy Arts Festival.

On the other hand the television industry has been kind to her with roles in some very popular shows such as the Emmy Award-winning ‘Two and a Half Men’ starring ; ‘ Friday Night Lights Friday Night Lights is an American drama serial ce >> Read More... Friday Night Lights ’, a drama revolving around a high school football team; ‘ Justified It is an American crime drama broadcasted by THE F >> Read More... Justified ’, a neo- western crime drama; and ‘Ally McBeal’ based on a lawyer’s personal life.

Alicia is a professional pianist and graduated as one from Boston University. She is not only known to have competed at the national level but has also earned herself a living at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel by playing the piano during her initial years as an actress.

She has not only made her career as an actress but also as a musician and singer. In 2009, she released her debut album. She has performed an opening piece for some prestigious artists including Ben Folds Five, Jimmy Webb, and John Fullbright. Apart from this, in 2006 Alicia wrote and directed for the first time the short film titled ‘Belinda’s Swan Song’ starring Luann Aronson.