Ali Landry English Actress

Ali Germaine Landry was given birth on 21 July 1973 at Breaux Bridge, in Louisiana to a French (Cajun) family. She completed her schooling in 1991 from Cecilia High School and later studied Mass Communication at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette.

Ali’s career unfolded in stages, from participating in beauty pageants to television and films. Her kick started her career by winning the title of Miss Louisiana - Teen - the USA in high school itself but ranked seven on representing Louisiana in the Miss Teen USA pageant.

Five years later, in 1995, she won the title of Miss Louisiana too and became the first former Miss Louisiana Teen to win it. A year later she also conquered the title of Miss USA and also became the first former Miss Teen USA contestant to win the same.

She also participated in the Miss Universe pageant but, unfortunately, got eliminated after the question-answer round by the judges. Putting pageants aside, Ali is recognized as the ‘Doritos Girl’ for her appearance in 1998 in the Super Bowl advertisement.

She has worked in the television industry, films and has also hosted some of the very popular shows on television. Her first television gig was in 1997 in ABC’s teen series titled ‘Clueless’. In the year 2000, she started her career as Belindy Lindbrook in ‘ Beautiful Click to look into! >> Read More... Beautiful ’, a movie based on the lives of pageant contestants.

She has worked as a host on popular shows like ‘Spy TV’, a show pulling pranks on ordinary people; ‘Spotlight to Nightlight’, a celebrity talk-show on parenting and ‘’- a show featuring and promoting aspiring bands. Ali and her husband, Alejandro, got together in 2006 and made a beautiful film titled ‘Bella’.

The film was a great success and brought huge recognition to Alejandro. The film won the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival, the Grand Prize at the Heartland Film Festival and also the Tony Bennett Media Excellence Award.

The film was highly acknowledged for its rich representation of Latino art and culture along with touching upon the sensitive concept of adoption in today’s age. Around the same time, Ali’s popularity soared high because of her talented portrayal of Rita Lefleur on ‘Eve’, UPN Network’s hit television series.

Ali’s personal life has been one hell of a rollercoaster. She tied knots with actor Mario Lopez in 2004 but unfortunately the marriage failed in a short span of two weeks’ time due to differences of opinion. Two years later, in 2006, she married Alejandro Gomez Monteverde who is a film director and today lives happily married in L.A. with their three kids- Estela, Marcelo, and Valentin.

A tragic turn of events happened in 2015 when Ali’s brother-in-law and father-in-law were found murdered in Pueblo Viejo, two weeks after they were kidnapped. She and her family had been in the news for a long time around this time, but Ali recovered from the incident soon enough.

Interestingly, Ali is a trained jazz, tap as well as ballet dancer. She is known to be a gymnast and also enjoys kickboxing. She has been focusing on being a mother and wife since the past few years and has reduced work.