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David Lynch English Actor

David Lynch is a renowned American film director, actor, screenwriter, musician, writer, and visual artist. He was born as David Keith Lynch on January 20, 1946, in Missoula, Montana in the United States. At an early age, he showed so much passion for arts and decided to pursue it in Virginia. He studied high school at Alexandria, Virginia, where he did poorly in academics since he doesn’t have any interest in school work. In college, he attended School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston but left after a year. Later, he decided to go to Europe and stayed for three years along with his friend, Jack Fisk, who is also not happy with his studies. The two hoped to meet and train with the popular Oskar Kokoschka (Painter).

However, they found out that he is not available, and so they went back to the United States after 15-days. In the US, he returned to Virginia and studied at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. From there, he met Peggy Reavey, whom he married in 1967. They had their first baby born the following year. To help his family financially, he worked in printing engravings. Through Pennsylvania Academy, he was able to do his first short film entitled Six Men Getting Sick (Six Times) in 1967. After many struggles, he was able to produce a 4-minute film entitled The Alphabet in 1968. His wife, Peggy, starred in the film and their daughter’s voice was also recorded as a sound effect. He sends a copy of The Alphabet in the newly built American Film Institute, together with a script about his new short film, The Grandmother.

The American Film Institute helped him in financing the film and gave him his requested budget. In 1974, he had a divorce with Peggy Lynch and remarried to Mary Fisk in 1977. In the same year, his first film, Eraserheads, was released. Since then, he had made remarkable films such as The Elephant Man, Blue Velvet, and Wild at Heart, Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive, Inland Empire, and many more. The film Wild at Heart received the highest prize award, Palme d’Or, at the Cannes Film Festival, while the film Mulholland Drive gave him his first Best Director award at the Cannes. In 1987, he had another divorce and married Mary Sweeney in 2006. After a year, David had a divorce and married Emily Stofle in 2009. David also worked on television and directed few music videos from the year 1982 to 2013.

He also continued working on short films until the year 2013 and appeared in few television series including The Cleveland Show and Louie. He advocates the Transcendental Meditation that could bring peace to the whole world. In 2005, he founded the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and Peace that finance the scholarships of those students who are interested in Transcendental Meditation. In 2006, his book entitled Catching the Big Fish Click to look into! >> Read More... Big Fish : Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity, was published.