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Patriarch of a pure-blood “Lucius Malfoy,” ruthless ”Colonel William Tavington” and Peter Pan Story soon >> Read More... ’s archenemy – “Captain James Hook.” These were just few of his immortal screen-antagonist roles that made him so famous and gain respect in entertainment industry.

He was born in Liverpool, England on June 6, 1963 as Jason Isaacs. He’s one of the “Crème de la crème” British-imported actors that captivated the hearts of viewers in Hollywood. He came from a reputable family, naming that his brothers’: a doctor, an accountant and lawyer, Jason thought of following their steps and he took Law and joined Bristol University. He’s quite excellent in his classes but his family, friends and professors found that he does far better in acting. He joined their school drama club and played various roles. After he graduated, he right away joined/applied Central School of Speech and Drama. He had daughters named Lilly and Ruby with Emma Hewit and they’ve been living together since 1988. He is also a “left-handed.” He first appeared in the film “The Tall Guy” in 1989. This was followed by “Shopping” in 1994 followed by “Loved Up” and “Solitaire for 2” both in 1995. He worked with Dennis Quaid Dennis Quaid is born on 9 April in 1954 in Houston >> Read More... for the film “Dragonheart” in 1996. He appeared in a science-fiction film “Event Horizon” and followed with supporting role as Doctor Quincy for the immortal film “Armageddon” with Bruce Willis This guy was always summoned and well paid by prod >> Read More... in 1998.

The year 1990’s to 2000’s was the year for epic and action movie. He appeared supporting roles within those years not until in 2000. His first intimidating role and named as one of the hated and ruthless villain captivated the angst of viewers “Colonel William Tavington” in the critically-acclaimed “The Patriot” with Mel Gibson Mel Gibson is an American multitalented filmmaker >> Read More... . With his major breakthrough, he landed another role in a star-studded-breathtaking movie known as “Black Hawk Down” with Hartnett, Bana, McGregor, Sizemore and more. He’s also appeared in Jackie Chan’s movie “The Tuxedo” as Clark Devlin. This was followed by acclaimed movie “Windtalkers” with Nicholas Cage, the fantasy film “Peter Pan”, “Passionada”, and “Resident Evil” with Milla Jovovich One of Gianni Versace’s favorite super models with >> Read More... . This was then followed with Antonio Perez’s “La Conjura de El Escorial”, along enemy line’s “ Green Zone Click to look into! >> Read More... ” with Matt Damon He’s known to be the “Hollywood Golden Boy” as he >> Read More... , “Batman: Under The Red Hood” as “Ra’s al Ghul”, cartoon movie “Cars”, and Taylor Lautner’s father in “ Abduction Click to look into! >> Read More... ” on 2011. He also appeared in the cast of “ Fury Click to look into! >> Read More... ” with Brad Pitt He’s one of the most accomplished actors of our ti >> Read More... and “ John Wick Click to look into! >> Read More... ” with Keannu Reeves and Ian McShane He is a skilled voice actor, great director and pr >> Read More... both in 2014. A drama film “After the Fall” and “Rio, I Love You” both in 2014, and his upcoming thriller movie “London Fields” in 2015. He also played various in television mini-series and in theatres especially the episodes “Dig.”


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