Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch was born in London, England on 19th July 1976. He is an actor by profession and also performed in many TV series and theaters. His father is Timothy Carlton and his mother is Wanda Ventham. At the age of 8, Benedict joined Brambletye School and used to stay there. Cumberbatch continued to act in school plays and used to portray characters of many Shakespearean plays.

After leaving his school he later joined the University of Manchester and used to learn drama there. After graduating from there, Benedict joined the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts and took a degree in classical acting. Initially, Benedict worked in many television shows including Heartbeat, Cambridge Spies, Forty something, etc.

He received many nomination and awards for his brilliant acting and perfect portrayal of many characters. He won the BAFTA Award, Golden Nymph, etc. His debut in the film industry happened in 2006 with the release of “Amazing Grace” where he portrayed as William Pitt. The plot focuses on William Wilberforce who is against the British for the slave trade practiced by them. It grossed $32 million and the audience loved the film. The critics appreciated Benedict’s performance and he posted his image in the hearts of the people.

In 2014, Cumberbatch played as Alan Turing in “ The Imitation Game” which focuses on the making of a code breaking machine, Enigma so that he can overthrow the German’s in the war and rise on the winning side. Alan is an extraordinary mathematician and the British army hires him to design the machine to break the German’s backbone. Meanwhile, it is revealed about Alan’s childhood when his batch mate used to bully him and his only friend, Christopher who also left him. Alan is a homosexual and had feelings for Christopher. Alan finally creates the enigma and escapes the attack by the German’s. Since the machine was to be kept confidential, documents related to it were burnt and destroyed. Later, Alan commits suicide.

The critics appreciated the art of it and Benedict for his great control of the character. Benedict played the role of the legendary detective, Sherlock Homes. Benedict as Sherlock proved to be the best thing that ever happened to the TV series, the flaw, the perfect attitude, the best mystery solver that television has ever seen. Benedict is the latest addition to the Marvel Universe, he is playing as Doctor Strange who is said to possess magical powers, the film releases next year. Benedict Cumberbatch married Sophie Hunter in 2015 and they have a child together.

Eddie Sotelo English Actor

Eddie Sotelo

Eddie Sotelo is also known as Eddie “Piolín” Sotelo is a Radio Personality and an Actor. He was born in Ocotlán. He has mainly delivered his acting skills and radio performances in the Spanish language. He was also referred to his nickname Tweety Bird which he acquired in his childhood.  He was ranked as one of the most powerful people in Southern California in the list of 100 by the LA Times in 2006. His radio show in the morning was broadcasted solely in the Spanish language for a Spanish audience who belonged there. The program also became nationally regulated to 50 businesses. In 2011, he was seen in the movie “A Better Life” directed by ‘Chris Weitz’. Along with him, the movie also starred ‘José Julián’, ‘Demián Bichir’, and others. In that year itself, he appeared in the animated movie “The Muppets” by ‘James Bobin’. In 2012, he voiced the character of Uncle Fungus in the movie “Ice Age: Continental Drift” directed by 'Steve Martino', and 'Michael Thurmeier'. Eddie was separated from the Univision Radio in the year 2013. There were many reports made on him by the media. The Los Angeles Times, one of the leading daily of the country had presented a report that ‘Alberto Cortez’, a producer, writer, and performer on the show made accusations of sexual harassment by Sotelo on him and other members of Sotelo's staff, including regularly making offensive and undesired sexual advances, grasping Cortez's buttocks and testicles when Cortez would come at work, teasing him through staff conferences and making other rude remarks, and telling him to say that he is a gay. Also, Cortez claimed that Sotelo ordered his team to produce thousands of letters following a million letter campaign for full settlement reform came shortly, which were then given to a congressional committee constituted by ‘Mel Martinez’, Senators ‘Edward Kennedy’, ‘Arlen Specter’, and ‘Robert Menendez’. He also mentioned about the members of the Congressional Hispanic Council. Sotelo has acknowledged that those allegations were made only for Cortez's individual gain, and demanded that Cortez had attempted to hire other workers to make false charges against Sotelo, and asserted his aim to be back again on the radio. Sotelo then reported an extortion prosecution against six of his previous staff members, alleging that they had commanded $1 million from him in return for his their silence. In March 2014, a Los Angeles Division Superior Court judge rejected the suit because Sotelo failed to explain that he would control in the trial.


Stephen Baldwin

Stephen Baldwin is a director, actor, author, and producer of America. Stephen Andrew Baldwin was born on 12th May 1966 in New York (Massapequa) to Alexander Rae Baldwin Jr. and Carol Newcomb. His father was a football coach and a teacher in the high school of social studies/ history subject. He (Alexander) died of lung cancer. His family is known as the Baldwin family. He has two sisters and three brothers. The “Baldwin Brothers” are Alec Baldwin, William Baldwin (commonly known as Billy), and Daniel Baldwin. They are all prominent actors. His sisters are Jane Sasso, and Elizabeth Keuchler. He has studied at Alfred G. Burner High School and graduated in 1984. When he was a teenager, he was a good singer and studied opera. He won prizes at many competitions for his opera singing skills. Stephen has attended the AADA- American Academy of Dramatic Art, New York after his high school. He began his career in acting with small roles in television mini-series like The Lawrenceville Stories, Family Ties, Young Riders and China Beach. With these minor roles, eventually, he landed up with major roles in TV and movies. His film debut came in 1988 with The Beast by Kevin Reynolds. His later works include Last Exit to Brooklyn in 1988, Causalities of War in 1989, Born on the Fourth of July in 1989, Crossing the Bridge in 1992, Posse in 1993, Threesome (sex comedy) in 1994, 8 Seconds in 1994, Fall Time in 1995, Bio- Dome in 1996, Under the Hula Moon in 1995, Half Baked in 1998, Fled in 1996, Scar City in 1998, One Tough Cop in 1998, The Sex Monster in 1999, Mercy in 2000, XChange in 2001, Protection in 2001, Dead Awake in 2001, Spider’s Web in 2002, Silent Warnings in 2003, Lost Treasure in 2003, Target in 2004, and many more. He has played a variety of roles for each of his movie. His recent roles were in The Genius Club as Rory Johnson, The Flyboys as Silvio Esposito, Shark in Venice as David Franks, Let the Game Begin as Max Rockinsky, Dino Time (voice artist), I’m in Love with a Church Girl as Jason McDaniels, Magi as Burga, and in Faith of Our Fathers as Mansfield. His television shows include Mr. Murder, Batman Beyond, Zebra Lounge, Night Visions, Scare Tactics, The Snake King, The Harpy, Jesse Stone: Night Passage, and The Harpy (TV movie). Stephen was also a contestant on reality shows like The Celebrity Apprentice, 8 Out of 10 Cats, I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here, Celebrity Big Brother UK, and All- Star Celebrity Apprentice. Stephen is the director of Livin’ It and The Will to Drill. Stephen was also a part of The Flintstones in 2000. Baldwin has also published his book labelled The Unusual Suspect. It was a biography which gave an inside view of his personal life and various dilemmas like drug abuse days and then finally, after 9/11 attacks, becoming a born-again Christian. He has won National Board of Review Award in 1995 for the book. Baldwin has opened up about his faith and beliefs at various stages both nationally and internationally. In 2006, he along with Bobby Brewer and Mario D’ Ortenzio founded Assalt Tours. Stephen met his wife Kennya on a subway in New York and got married in 1990. Kennya Deodato is a Brazilian graphic designer. Bosa Nova legend Eumir Deodato is his father-in-law. The couple is blessed with two daughters Alaia Baldwin and Hailey Baldwin. Both are into the modelling profession. Baldwin has a total of eighteen tattoos.

Stephen Baldwin English Actor