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“The Muscles from Brussels” as a well-known nick name. A 2nd Degree black belter and one of the considered action legends in Hollywood history. With a total of 44 wins in his early years and 18 knock-outs in his kickboxing career. So flexible, not just in acting, also in with his two strong legs. He made has own statement of defining a true action star. a He’s well-known using his legs in womanizing, doing perfect action stunts and even using it as his finishing moves. Born as Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg on October 18th 1960 from Burssels, Belgium.

He made his first debut film in the 1979 movie “Woman Between Wolf and Dog.” He made additional movies but he made his first almost Best Actor performance for the 1988 bio-movie “Blood Sport” as Frank Dux. Though the movie “Karate Kid” was the first to do an iconic martial art finishing moves, this movie did it better. While fighting his opponent sneaked a powder that blinded him but he successfully won the fight. He also made a rival movie for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Terminator.” He made his own movie “ Cyborg Click to look into! >> Read More... Cyborg ” in 1989. That year he made another movie called “Kickboxer.” Long before Abraham slashed a tree in Benjamin Walkers’ “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” Van Damme did it first outstandingly. In his movie “Kickboxer,” instead of using weapon he only used his feet to bring down a real tree. The fun fact in this movie, he made a dance scene and made his split move. He made a futuristic movie in 1994 called “Timecop.” He was brought by the government in the future to protect the golden bullions smuggled more than 100 years ago. As part of our pop-culture and childhood, he converted the game console craze in to a movie called “Street Fighter.” He played the character Colonel William F. Guile as the hero of this movie. In 1990, he made a very unique story called “Lionheart.” He is a paratrooper legionnaire that escaped from his base for refusing him to see his brother in his burial. A vengeful character to avenge his brother.

He also made the movie “Hard Target.” In this movie a hunted homeless veteran was encapsulated with a belt and money to bring it into the other side of the city. Mobsters tried to touch his daughter but US Marine Corps Chance Boudreaux saves his daughter. He made also his own stunt no double motorcycling surfing stunt collision with his enemy’s truck while shooting them. This is definitely one of his coolest action stunts ever. He made also a fantastic dual character in the movie “Double Impact” in 1991 as a karate instructor. He made also his special split moves while instructing the ladies in this movie. He made also death-defying stunts and explosions in the movie “Double Team” with Dennis Rodman. Aside from singing, doing his snow thing for the brewed beer in the “Coors Light” advertisement, he made a fantastic start of his comeback in the “Volvo Truck Ads.” At First you’ll see Van Damme stood straight between 2-Volvo trucks running backward locomotion and eventually separates ample amount of distance while he is slowly showing off his split signature move. He made his biggest comeback in showdown fight scene with Sylvester in the movie “ The Expendables 2 Click to look into! >> Read More... The Expendables 2 .” He played as the leader of Sangs the opposite mercenaries. He made movie called “Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning” as Luc Deveraux, “Six Bullets” as Samson Gaul and “UFO” all in 2012. He made an adventure and action film “Welcome to the Jungle” as Storm Rotchild, and his 2015 movie “Pound of Flesh.” He will relive his iconic movie and with exclamation “Kickboxer: Vengeance”, and as Wiston Baxter for the movie “ The Tower Click to look into! >> Read More... The Tower ” and finally as Frenchy for the movie “Full Love.”