Ian McKellen English Actor

No writer could ever describe him. As a writer, for me I strongly believe that he is now one of the pillars in nurturing, emphasizing and placing homosexuals to be of great importance in our time. He strongly emphasized that he’s not encouraging people to turn homosexuals, he wants us to understand and see how important their role in the evolution of society. This led him to accept and be his favorite role “Magneto” in the “X-Men” series and “The Da Vinci Code” with . If you still remember the common prose and he modified it as “a man who came out of cupboard.” He is the most open and known “gay-actor.” He is more than an actor, a “Knight” and social activist.

Born as Sir Ian Murray McKellen CH, CBE from Burnley, Lancashire – England. You might want to ask his titles “CH” and “CBE.” That stands for “ Champion Click to look into! >> Read More... Champion ” in his contributions to film industry and equality “Commander” of the “Order of the British Empire” as he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. He was awarded “Freeman” on October 30, 2014 of London. He received the honorary Doctor of Letters degree by Cambridge University. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

He appeared major roles in various and award winning theater acts and Shakespearean themes including in television. He imprinted his hands in a plaque in London's Leicester Square in 1999 for Gods and Monsters to commemorate his contributions in Media Arts. He was the most famous companion in the “Fellowship of the Ring” and the rest of the series. He won “Best Actor” for the movie “Gods and Monsters” and “Best Cast” for “The Return of the King.” He won “Best Supporting Actor” for the mini-series “Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny.” He turned down the offer to be Albus Dumbledore after Richard Harris died. He turned it down not because he’s angry with Harris, but he doesn’t want to be unfair and doesn’t want to take part of Richard Harris. He received the Saturn Award “Best Supporting Actor” for Apt Pupil and The Fellowship of the Ring and Outstanding Actor for Supporting Role 2001 and Outstanding Cast in 2003 for the Return of The King. Other numerous awards for Best Actor for the movies “Richard III”, mini-series “And The Band Played On,” from British Awards Chicago and Los Angeles Critics, National Board of Review, San Sebastian International Festival and Florida Film Critics. He phenomenally covered most prestigious awards and dominated Hollywood and Britain’s Top Film Guilds.