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English Movie Actor Hallock Beals
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Hallock Beals was born on 4th March 1982 in Anchorage, Alaska, USA. He is an actor who contributed to various productions, including TV series, short films, movies, etc.

He started with his career with doing short films. In 2005, he debuted in Seance Saturday Night, a short film. Later he did many other short movies including Bodweiser Girls (2013), The Girl in the Green Dress (2015), and few more.

Hallock's career was a great success. He had a more successful stint in the American television industry. He is credited for various TV sitcoms- 'Bones' (2007), 'Cold Case' (2013), 'True Blood' (2008), and 'The Flip Side' (2013).

Besides TV shows, he has also been a part of many TV movies, like 'Depth Charge' (2008), and 'Worst. Prom. Ever.' (2011).

In the case of the American film industry, Hallock has worked for a very limited number of productions. He has been a part of 'The Republic of Two' (2013); 'Munger Road' (2011), in which he played Scott Claussen; 'Godspeed' (2009), playing Tim; 'Loaded' (2007); and 'Letters from Iwo Jima' (2006). In the movie ' The Last Song Click to look into! >> Read More... ' (2010), Hallock played the character named Scott, who was the best friend of Will (the main character) who created problems between the two lead characters i.e. Ronnie and Will. In most of these productions, he has worked as a supporting actor.

Beals has worked with renowned names of the television and film industry, to name a few, Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus is a popular name amongst youngsters. >> Read More... , Liam Hemsworth Liam was born on January 13th, 1990. He is 6 feet >> Read More... , Nancy Richardson, Nick Searcy, Nelson Coates, Louise Frogley, Kate Vernon, John Lindley and much more.


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