Don Cheadle was born on 29th November 1964 in Missouri, United States. He graduated in the stream of Fine Arts, and the Bachelor’s degree was pursued from the California Institue of Arts. He is a very popular actor and also emerged out as a producer. He is an author too and got married to Bridgid Coulter in the year 1992.

He has a couple of children, and he is active in the Hollywood film industry right from the year 1984 until the present. Don Cheadle has the birth name of Donald Frank Cheadle, Jr. He has acted in many successful movies. He acted in his debut film at the age of twenty-three, and the name of the movie is Hamburger Hill, which got released in the year 1987.

He has become popular after the success in movies like Devil in a Blue Dress in the year 1995, Boogie Bights in the year 1997, and Rosewood in the year 1997. These movies do wonders, and he got recognized out of these hit movies. He partnered with the director namely Steven Soderbergh and gave many hit movies. He established himself as a successful actor, and he got a huge fan base apparently.

He won the BET Humanitarian Award in the year 2007 for his services towards the people of Rwanda and Darfur. As an actor, he gave back to back hits that were a big treat for his fans and audiences. He is a fantastic actor who always worked with good scripts and storylines. He also won the Summit Peace Award in December 2007.

His spouse Bridgid Coulter is his co-actor of the Rosewood movie. He acted in more than thirty successful movies and about twenty Television series. He is currently working in the House of Lies and Thursday Night Football projects in Television. He has also given many blockbuster movies as a producer.

Donald Sutherland English Actor

Donald Sutherland

Donald McNichol Sutherland is a Hollywood actor who hails from Canada. He is also an Office of the Order of Canada. His film career has lasted over fifty years. In this time, he has played a multitude of characters in many well-received films. Three of his children are also currently pursuing careers as actors. Sutherland initially studied to be an engineer although he soon realized that the profession wasn’t for him. He began his acting career in the Perth Repertory Theatre in Scotland before getting some roles in British TV series and films. He got his big break in British movies with the war film The Dirty Dozen, which was the 5th highest grossing film in the year of 1967. This film prompted him to look for a break into Hollywood. His career was an immediate success as during the 1970’s he was part of many films that were highly successful. His role in the film ‘Klute’, a story based on detectives, was a success and saw the film win an Oscar Award. He also starred in other films such as Eye Of The Needle, a spy movie that centered on the D-Day invasion and The Eagle Has Landed, a film that added to his already impressive repertoire of war movies. His role in the Canadian TV series Witness To Yesterday as a humanitarian doctor helped it attain international fame. He also gained popularity with younger fans due to his role in National Lampoon Animal’s House as a professor who smoked cannabis. He gained further critical acclaim for his role in ‘1900’, an epic-based movie and also starred in the Oscar-winning film Ordinary People. Some of his other popular roles during that period came in movies like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Hunley, which was a film based on a famous US Civil War general, a role in Space Cowboys as an astronaut, in a movie directed by and starring Clint Eastwood. He has even done a lot of work since the dawn of the new millennium. He acted in Cold Mountain, a drama based on the Civil War. He appeared in the remake of the classic film The Italian Job. He also starred in the 2005 film Pride And Prejudice (based on the Jane Austen novel) as Mr. Bennett, the father of the main female protagonist. His most popular role in recent times is that of President Snow, the chief villain in the popular film franchise The Hunger Games.


Donnie Wahlberg

Donnie Wahlberg was born on 17th August 1969 in Massachusetts, United States. He is a good singer who has exhibited amazing musicianship. Apart from singing, he established himself as a good actor as well as a producer of films. He also gives equal weight to the Television projects. This is a healthy sign, and he is anticipated to do a lot more good projects. He is active in the Hollywood film industry right from the year 1984 until the present. The genres he works on include Pop music, hip hop, and blue-eyed soul. He has achieved a lot in the world of music. The acts he is associated with include New Kids on the Block which is quite popular work of him. His interest is to work with the entertainment-based projects, and he came out successfully too. He is also very good in choosing the right scripts that would work for him. His debut movie happened in the year 1996 namely Bullet which gave him a splendid occasion to establish himself as an actor. His debut full-on television project is Band of Brothers which gave him a good edge in acting in Television series. His primordial objective is to sing hit songs for the movies and to explore a lot int he world of music. He is a successful musician who always give hit numbers. Boston Celtics is the one whom he follows and consider him as his role model too. He is such an avid fan of Boston Celtics that he never miss a project done by Boston Celtics. He acted in about twenty film projects that came quite successfully indeed. He worked with about fifteen Television drama series projects, and he is currently working on Wahlburgers and Donnie Loves Jenny projects. He is so passionate about acting and singing in general. He gave the voice for a video game namely Turok, and it is a popular game.

Donnie Wahlberg English Actor