Political Movies That Will Make You Fall In Love With Politics

Political Movies That Will Make You Fall In Love With Politics English Article

1. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Frank Capra’s ‘Mr. Smith goes to Washington’ is a perfect depiction of an old school drama with a “regular guy” as a male lead, “the rich bloke’s daughter” as a female lead,  villain’s  epiphany and the inevitable happy ending. All these peculiarities add this one to a definite watch list.
2. Milk
Narrating a real-life story of gay rights reformist and politician Harvey Milk, this one paints a clear picture of determination, leadership and hurling against the wind. 
3. The American President
The chief executive of fantasy land, Michael Douglas A true classic and refined actor in Hollywood. Kno >> Read More... Michael Douglas as President Andrew Shepherd unquestioningly leaves us all awestruck showing how love and politics can mingle together.
4. The Queen
Academy Award winner, ‘The Queen’ is an exhibition of pure class. We will fall for its supreme royalty and would be mesmerized by how royalty and hard decisions go hand in hand.
5. All the President’s Men
To all the adventure and suspense lovers, these two investigative journalists, Redford, and Hoffman will keep you jolted in your seats as long as the movie goes on. The story backs up our ideal instincts that nothing can overcome the truth, not even politics.
6. Lincoln
There is hardly a single living soul who doesn’t love this man. Abraham Lincoln is a significant personality who did not have a fancy childhood, and while growing up, the man knew only dedication and hard work. He succeeded in establishing a system which showed the power of democracy and also eradicated slavery. With all these deferential and noble qualities in a single pack, do I need to say more?
7. In the Loop 
Hilarious farce! The movie intends to make the most difficult of situations into the rolling out of laughter moments. The leaderships wanted war while the staff agreed the other way around. Sometimes it’s “unforeseeable” to see such a comedy coming our way.
‘V for Vendetta’ is a dystopian political thriller in which a character ‘V’ has his agendas and uses the acts of terrorism to accomplish the mission he has in his mind. It portrays how innocent people burn in situations like these, one which we refer to as ‘collateral damage’. Evey became a part of V’s vendetta. This thriller will keep you completely glued to your seats with detective Stephen Rea trying to stop V.
9. Gandhi
8 Academy Awards winner, this film, is a biography of Mahatma Gandhi. It shows the life of Gandhiji, his struggles, and his determination to free the people of India and also the slaves of Africa. He was honored with the title, ‘The Father of the Nation’ and after watching this one, our faith in justice and truth will reincarnate. 
10. Hotel Rwanda
This is a historical biography. A fearless heart has the power to do the impossible tasks and that is depicted in this movie. In difficult times, only unity can be the savior. Having this motto at its heart, the movie succeeds in touching our hearts. With 3 Oscar nominations, this one is a must watch.