Albert Delpy was born in Saigon, Vietnam on 13th September 1941. He is an actor by profession and has also written many films. He is part of more than hundred movies since his debut in 1970 and has set a benchmark for himself in the industry. He played the lead role as Jean-Christophe in the 1981 film, “Ali in Wonderland”, it had Donato Bastos, Djéloul be hours, Corinne Brodbeck, Albert Delpy, etc. in the lead roles.

It received many nominations and awards, and the critics loved it. Albert next appeared in the 1993 release “The Man by the Shore” where he portrayed as Assad. It was not until 1996 that Albert became popular, but after his flick, “Ridicule” he came to spotlight and became very popular among them, it dates back to the 17th century.

He threatens the earlier Monsieur and urinates in front of him. The flick grossed $20 million, and the audience loved it. 2 Days in Paris hit the theaters on 2007; the plot is about Marion, who is a photographer, chain-smoker and had tattoos all over her body. She falls in love with an interior designer, Jack. They plan a trip to Venice to reignite their love, but it fails terribly.

Jack comes to know about the ex-lovers of Marion and becomes insecure about it; he starts to draw lines between them. On the other hand, Marion fights with these relationships, love affairs, and her disorders to maintain stability in her life. Problems increase, and it becomes impossible for her to work properly in her life. With the success of the first film, Albert planned a sequel to it in 2012 named, “2 Days in New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York ” follows the plot extremely well, and Marion now lives in New York and is a mother of a son.

She gets the news of her ex-boyfriend arriving and so she develops an intense and cozy relationship with her current boyfriend, Mingus. With the group coming they plan a trip to France and discuss various topics, sexual activities, etc. Albert Delpy last film, “Eyjafjallajökull” released in 2013 where he played the character of Tonton Roger. It did a good business at the theaters and collected over $17 million. He produced many famous films, and his works are inspiring. In real life, he is the father of Julie Delpy Born in Paris, France to a theater director for a >> Read More... Julie Delpy . He has played various supporting roles in different flicks and also wrote many scripts and storyline for them.