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Michael Thomas popularly known as Tom Green is a Canadian actor, rapper,comedian,producer,director,media personality and talk show host. He was born on July 30, 1971 in Pembroke, Ontario in Canada. Tom Green is known for his television show The Tom Green Show. He has acted in several Hollywood movies and his movie Stealing Harvardhas won the 2001 Golden Raspberry Awards. Tom Green is the first son born to Richard Green, a retired army captain and Mary Jane, a communication consultant.

He studied at Henry Munro Middle School and later attended the Colonel by Secondary School and Cairene Wilson Secondary School. In 1994, he took a Bachelor in Television Broadcasting at Algonquin College and graduated.Tom Green got married to actress Drew Barrymore She first appeared in the Steven Spielberg’s movie >> Read More... on July 7, 2001.But the couple divorced officially on October 15,2002. Tom Green began his career at the age of 15 by performing stand-up comedy. While doing his studies, he hosted a show on University of Ottawa's student radio which was originally a rap music show hosted by Glenn Humplik.

Later the two joined together and changed the show to a late night call-in show where they would ridicule and mock those who called the show. In 1988, Green developed his interest in rap. Under the name 'MC Bones' he created the rap group Organized Rhymein New York. In 1994 Tom Green began his television career with his own his show The Tom Green Showon Rogers Television 22 in the Ottawa region airing 50 episodes in two seasons. By 1996 the show was aired on CBCand later in 1997 by the Comedy Network, Canada.

The real career of John Green began when MTV picked up the show in 1999.The show focused on his distinctive skits which included an X-rated lesbian scene painted on his father's car, and even drinking milk from a cow's teat. While on MTV'S Spring Break he wrote a song ‘Lonely Swedish' which became number one on Total Request Live and even was featured in Eminem's ‘The Real Slim Shady’ In March 2000, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer which put an end to his production on his TV show. On May 23,2000 Green directed a one hour MTV television special ‘The Tom Green Cancer Special’ and the episode received wide response.

‘Tom Green’s Nuts Cancer Fund’ was also raised during this time for cancer research and he even spoke to students to raise awareness. Green was the cover of the June 8,2000 issue of Rolling Stone magazine. After recovering from cancer, he stepped into Hollywood movies including Road Trip, Charlie’s Angels Freddy Got Fingered and Stealing Harvard. Later in 2002 he returned to MTV and directed a one hour special The Tom Green Subway Monkey Hour. In the same year, he began his own production company Bob Green Films.

In 2003 Green came up with The New Tom Green Show late-night talk show. His autobiography Hollywood Causes Cancer: The Tom Green story was released on October 12,2004. In 2005, here turned to rap and on December 6,2005 his second solo album Prepare for Impact was released followed by his second solo rap album Basement Jamsin January 2008.

In 2006 ManiaTV.com created Tom Green Live but in 2008 he left to rebrand himself. By 2010, he again started to do stand-up sets and performed several stand-up comedies show in Los Angeles and in November 10, he announced his first world stand-up comedy tour. In January 2013, he started doing an audio podcast Tom Green Radio and in 2015, Tom launched Web-o-vision broadcast from a studio in LA through his YouTube channel.

A milk stout beer called The Tom Green Beer was also released by Green. Tom Green currently presents his own breakfast show Tom Green in the Morning,on The Hits from 7-11am.Green once quoted "If you're the first, you’re the best, because you're the only one doing it”


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