A multi-talented person, Tina Fey is an American actress, producer, comedian, and writer. One of her finest works is The NBC Sketch comedy series and she was tremendously appreciated for it. She gave the impression of the Alaska Governor and 2008 Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin. The series 30 Rock was also a well-known series by her which was commendable. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was another wonderful series that she portrayed. Her performance in this was outstanding. She gave many hit films as well. Some include Mean Girls in the year 2004, Baby Mama in 2004 and Date Night Click to look into! >> Read More... 2010. She entered the comedy genre with her bombastic coming into the second city group. Initially, she was a writer and then went on to become the head writer and was well applauded for her role as the co-anchor in the Weekend Update. She was born in Pennsylvania. Her mother was a brokerage employee and father was a university grant proposal-writer. She was inclined towards comedy when at the age of eleven, she read Joe Franklin’s Seventy Years of Great Film Comedians. As a child, she watched The Second City Television and always admired Catherine O’Hara and considered her as a role model. She appeared in Martin and Orloff.

The film was a pretty successful one. In 2008, she even lent her voice to a Japanese version of the film called Ponyo. She even voiced for the animated movie Megamind. The pinball game called Medieval Madness also had her voice. ‘Bossypants’ her autobiography was published in April 2011. It had fair reviews from the New York Click to look into! >> Read More... Times. She was on the 80th position out of 100 in the Hot 100 in 2012. She has won tons of awards and recognition and has aspired to reach the topmost level. In 2007, she was on the 33rd rank out 50 for the most successful women in New York. The TIME Magazine also selected her as the most influential women. In 2011, she won the Hollywood Walk of Fame Award. The Elle Magazine also recognized her latent talents and exposed them out. She is a fervid supporter of autism. She helps the organization in the US called Love of our children, Talking about her personal life, she dated Jeff Richmond, who was a piano player and then became the composer of 30 Rock. They got married in the Greek way. An unfortunate incident took place when she was slashed in her kindergarten. This left an indelible scar on her chin.

Susan Saint James English Actress

Susan Saint James

Susan Saint James is an American activist and actress. She is mainly known for roles played in television series. She is known for her role played in ‘The Name of the Game’ in the year 1968 and 1971 movie McMillan & Wife. She has been nominated for an Emmy award for her role played in Kate & Allie in 1984. She was born in Los Angeles, California. Her parents were Geiger and Charles Daniel Miller. He father worked as a businessman, and her mother was a teacher. In her teenagers, she started modeling. She went to the Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart School. For her graduation, she went to Connecticut College for Women. She made her first acting debut in Name of the Game. It was a television movie which was based on a movie. The show was based on the story of different small stories which were all connected to a publishing house. The role of James of an editorial assistant which was in a way connected to the lead of the series. The show was very well appreciated by the audience and had become very popular and known by everyone. The show came to an end in 1971. Her next project was McMillan & Wife in which she played a lead role along Rock Hudson. She played the wife of a police administrator. Her character advanced her personality and her looks and gave another great hype to her career. The audiences were attached with how the leads solve the cases. In 1976, she left the show. She has worked on many other television shows also. In 1980, she was a part of How to Beat the High Cost of Living. It was a comedy show in which the audience came to know about her comic talents. The movie also starred Jane Curtin and Jessica Lange. She was later seen in Kate & Allie. It was a sitcom and along with her again was Jane Curtin. The plot was as such that these two are best friends and they decide to live together in a house and raise children in the city of New York. They both are divorced and are trying to come up with it. The new and innovative concept of the show was appreciated by the audience and the critics. She was nominated in the Emmy Award for an Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy in the year 1984 and 1985. At the age of 21, she got married to Richard Neubert, who was an aspiring director. However things didn’t work out between them, and they got divorced within a year. Later in 1971, she got married to Thomas Lucas, who was a makeup artist. The couple had a daughter and a son. Their marriage lasted for six years. She later got married to Dick Ebersol. He was the producer of the show Saturday Night Live and currently is the president of NBC Sports. They had three sons together. In 2004, Ebersol and their two sons met with a plane crash. Ebersol and son Charles were unhurt but their youngest son Teddy who was 14 years of age died in the mishap. She has been a speaker at The Women's Conference in the year 2007. She received the Hollywood the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her work in 2008. >


Toni Collette

An Australian actress and musician, and a television and film eminent personality, Toni Collette is the main singer of the Toni Collette and The Finish. She has captured the prestigious Emmy and Golden Globe Awards which brings out her talent in whatever acting skills she possesses. Nonetheless, she has also received nominations for Academy Awards and Tony Awards. Her comedy era began in the 1990s with the show Spotswood and Muriel’s Wedding. Her beautiful work in these made her gain fame. She also got the international recognition due to the sixth sense and this made her popular in other nations as well. Her Tony Award was due to her musical role in the Wild party. Her great role in Little Miss Sunshine won her many accolades and she got the BAFTA nomination. She also played a major role in United States of Tara from the year 2009 to the year 2011. Toni was born in West Sydney to Judith, who was a cook and Bob, a truck driver. She showed a fake appendicitis and then had to get it removed even though there wasn’t anything wrong with it. She got her acting education from the Australian Theatre for Young People and National Institute of Dramatic Art. Her debut on the television was on the Seven Network Drama Network Series, a country practice. The Magic Pudding also had her voice as the mother in the year 2000. The year 2003, saw her portray the role of an Australian geologist, The Japanese Story. This movie showed her relationship with a Japanese businessman. She also won the Australian Institute Best Actress Award for this. The audience gave her a thundering clap for her role. She was simply par excellence. Recently, in 2015 she appeared in the SBS series ‘Who do you think you are?’ in September 2015 she joined the cast of the American Novel, Jasper Jones. On the show, Cold Aid she performed the song Look Up in a bedlam manner. She was well appreciated for that. T. Rex’s ‘Children of the revolution were covered by her. On the personal front, she got married to Dave Galafassi in 2003. The couple is blessed with a daughter and a son. She ardently supports animal rights and the PETA. She reached up to John Howard to protect the rights of animal. Toni is a brilliant actor who has spread her talent across the industry and has been an inspiration to many strugglers.

Toni Collette English Actress