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J. K. Simmons

Other names of J. K. Simmons: Jonathan Kimble, Jonathan Kimble "J. K." Simmons
J. K. Simmons English Actor

Jonathan Kimble was born in 1955 on January 5, in Grosse Pointe ate Michigan in the United States. His parents were Patricia and Donald William Simmons. His Father was a Middle School teacher whereas his mother was an Administrator. During his tenth age, his family shifted to Ohio Worthington. When he was eighteen years old , again they switched over to Missoula where his father became the director of the Music school which was located in the University of Montana. He got his graduation from the University of Montana.

In 1978, he came out with the degree in Music and joined the Phi Mu Alpha Sinphonia Music Orientation group. After that he was appointed as the member of the theater of Seattle Repertory Theatre. He started his career in the year 1992 with his first Broadway on the South street of Summons named as Guys and Doll. After that by 1994, he played multiple roles in the satire on the Wagner denoted as Das Barbecue. In the Carousel of the revival, he played the most prominent role along with Grand opera of Houston for which happened in the year 1987 at the Off-Broadway for the Birds of Paradise.

Apart from music he also appeared in several television shows which include the roles likes Dr. Emil Skoda which was the role of a Police Psychiatrist. He also took part in further four leads similar to “New York undercover” and the “Law and order.” He also played in the show Rising as the brother of Bruce Chance namely Burt Chance. He also took part in the kids show called “The Adventure of Pete and Pete” which shown in the year 1995. He also appeared in the Parts of Spider man as the editor of the newspaper Daily Bugle.

In 2015, he portrayed a familiar role in one of the cinema Kong: Skull Island. Apart from Music and Movie show, he also entered his marks in the Video Games. He also worked for some of the Advertisements like Vote for me. He married Michelle, and they have two Kids Olivia and Joe. He obtained the honor of Golden Globe Awards from Motion Picture for his awesome performance as a best Supporting actor for the year 2015. In 2014, he featured in the major flick Whiplash. Simmons won several awards for his outstanding performance from AACTA awards, Academy Awards, Austin Film Critics and several other associations praised his performance as a best-supporting actor. He also received the best Villain Award from MTV Awards.