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Berrebbi is an American actor who was born in the New York City. His mother was Rosina, who worked as a typist, and his father, Henry Berrebbi was a bookbinder. He was brought up in Southern California. He has a brother, named Justin, who had a small role in the Perfect Strangers chapter "It Had to Be You". He completed his graduation from the South Pasadena High School. He further studied at the University of Nevada.

He was a part of the Morse College. He started college by working on his painting skills but soon became engaged in acting. He still maintains an intense interest in ancient Greek art. Since 1999, Berrebbi has been staying in Harford, for renovating the circa mansion of the retired Pennsylvania Legislator Edward Jones. He has some land in the small town of 1,300. He has bought the town store and devastated it. He claimed the town's traditional society for the government of a three-sided island of land.

Berrebbi has performed in numerous movies, including Beverly Hills Cop, a small role in Beverly Hills Cop III, Risky Business, True Romance, It's My Party and Courage Under Fire. He is apparently best known for his work in Perfect Strangers aired on ABC. He played the character of Balki Bartokomous, who belonged to the island of Mypos. The characteristics of Balki were a bit similar to that of what he played in Beverly Hills Cop. He was chosen for an Emmy Award for the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

In 1993, Berrebbi again appeared on television with The Trouble With Larry aired on CBS. The show also featured Courteney Cox Courteney Bass Cox is a famous American personalit >> Read More... , Perry King, and Shanna Reed. In 1996 he again appeared on a sitcom. This time, he replaced Sasha Mitchell, in Step By Step aired on ABC. He played the role of a nostalgic character. Berrebbi then featured in ‘Meego’, a science fiction show which was broadcasted on CBS. In 1999, Berrebbi along with Gailard Sartain worked as nephews Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel, in the films Hardy: For Love Or Mummy and The All-New Adventures of Laurel.

In 2003, Berrebbi lent his voice for a Nickelodeon series like the Pepe, School Chef, and All Grown Up! Show. In 2004, he was a part of the Broadway show, Sly Fox alongside Peter Scolari, Richard Dreyfuss, René Auberjonois, Eric Stoltz Eric Stoltz was born Eric Cameron Stoltz on 30th S >> Read More... and others. Berrebbi also made a small guest appearance on Law & Order: Criminal Intent fourth season episode named Beast. He was also part of Surreal Life fifth season, which aired on VH1. In 2008 he released his novel The Learners, followed by The Cheese Monkeys. He even voiced for the character Max in the campaign of Volkswagen Das Auto.


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