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From television appearances to Hollywood’s film critics applauded this actress. She was well-known to be the romantic blockbuster heavyweight of the entertainment empire. Kate Elizabeth Winslet, CBE on October 5th 1975. Raised by a commoner in Berkshire, England, she grew up with her other siblings Beth, Josh and Ana.

She first made her breakthrough role in the 1994 movie “Heavenly Creatures.” The fantasy of 2 girls that so intense, their parents separated them and they took their comeback revenge. This was right away followed in 1995 movie “Sense and Sensibility.” Her rich father died and they fell into poverty, alongside with her stepmom made her life to work differently. As she made different role portrayals, she made one of the biggest hits and the movie that changed the course of Hollywood history. She played Rose DeWitt Bukater in the blockbuster hit “ Titanic Click to look into! >> Read More... ” in 1997 alongside Leonardo DiCaprio He’s one of the most searched icons in the web for >> Read More... . An aristocrat engaged of the same statue in life, met an artist and fell in-love in the middle of the voyage before the RMS Titan was historically ill-fated plunged into an iceberg. In 1999, she starred in the movie “Holly Smoke.” A lady while on his travel in India falls in love with a guru. She made a great chemistry with Geoffrey Rush He first appeared in TV Series “Consumer Capers” f >> Read More... in the 2000 movie hit “Quills.” She was use by inmate Marquis De Sade to outplace a narrow-minded doctor.

She also appeared in the movie “The Life of David Gale” as Bitsy in finding a way to acquit David ( Kevin Spacey Kevin Spacey is a film writer, producer and direct >> Read More... ) for murder case to avoid death row. She also worked with Johnny Depp An iconic award-winning-actor that doesn’t watches >> Read More... in the 2004 movie “Finding Neverland.” This is a bio-film that gave the writer of Peter Pan that made friendship with a family and he hallowed it as an inspiration for his story. She also starred in a high-profile movie in 2006 called “All the King’s Men.” She also worked with Cameron Diaz She’s one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywo >> Read More... in the movie “The Holiday” as they were friend switched houses and meet local guy and fell in love as the story goes by. She appeared as Jeanine Matthews in the futuristic movie in 2014 called “ Divergent Click to look into! >> Read More... .” A continuation “The Divergent Series: Insurgent” in 2015. This is an apocalyptic setup where students were sorted in to different classes. One girl named Beatrice was found to be a “divergent” that will break all the rules in open’s the minds of the rest to what is right and wrong.


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