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This handsome and hardworking hunk with great talent was born for fame on 29 October, 1975, covered his journey from birth to teen age at Lambertseter, Oslo and named Aksel Hennie. The guy who was well known for his acting in “ The Martian Click to look into! >> Read More... The Martian ”, is now 39 years old with charming personality at 5’8. He is the best Norwegian actor, screenwriter and director as well. Aksel Hennie is an average heighted guy, with white skin tone, blonde hair with blue eyes meant for stardom and to rule over the hearts of millions.

For Hennie, Norway is his home market where he always loves to do productions but wants to do Hollywood work also if he gets an opportunity to show his talent there. Hennie is up to the mark always, whether it is acting or directing. His aim is to work for Audience first. According to him, the name and fame that he has received so far is because of his audience. He also says, if audience is happy and satisfied, then he will be on top. He is a specialist in intense thriller and does each stunt on his own in his film shooting. Hennie’s first action movie which he saw was “ Tarzan Click to look into! >> Read More... Tarzan ”.

Hennie applied four times to get admission for graduation in Norwegian Nation Academy of Theatre in 2001 and completed his graduation in 2004. He was passionate for acting and wanted to be on the success path. He has done first theatre “Teatret in Molde” in 2001 and second theatre “Oslo Nye Teater” in 2002 during the period of graduation in academy till the date when he got shortlisted for the first play “Hamlet”. 

Hennie was rewarded with Amanda Award which is an important film award of Norwegian for ‘Best Direction’ of the movie “Uno” In 2005 and was also nominated for ‘Best actor’ and ‘Best Film’ for the same. Uno was the most memorable movie for Hennie because he struggled a lot with his co-star to boost up his body to become required bodybuilders for the character in the film by taking months of physical training. The plot of “Uno” was on Hennie’s personal life case which was directed and written by Hennie himself, about when he was outcast for confessing to the public about his graffiti tagging and according to him it was not a crime but an art. 

Hennie is an all rounder, he is able to do any film of any genre whether thriller or comedy, on one side he makes people laugh like crazy in his first debut feature film “Jonny Vang” in 2003 which created a history in box office even after rejection from the director that he is not fit to do the role and got Amanda award as a Best actor for “Jonny Vang”, and on the other hand with his stunts, and intense thriller film “ Pioneer Click to look into! >> Read More... Pioneer ” in 2013 forced stunts and action lovers to blow a whistle. “ Headhunters Click to look into! >> Read More... Headhunters ” (2011), “ Heroes Click to look into! >> Read More... Heroes ” (2011) , “ Hercules Click to look into! >> Read More... Hercules ” (2014), these three ‘H’ films were the special and important films for him as well as popular. Hennie’s name was mentioned in the book of best Norwegian films because of his performances in “Ulvesommer” (2003), Hawaii,Oslo (2004), Headhunters (2011), Pioneer(2013), The Martian (2015). He also gave his appearance in Television series “The Inspector and the Sea” in 2008.

Hennie is the youngest actor who was honored by European film promotion after getting the Title of European “Shooting Star”. The newspaper ‘Dagbladet’ mentioned name of Hennie as the “Best Theatre Talent Of The Year” and increase his prestige. In European film festival he was also awarded with Angela Award on 1st December, 2013. 

The hottest guy was dating Norwegian beauty and gorgeous singer Tone Damil and tied knot in 2009 and was blessed with a baby girl Hedda. The guy who is always on the spotlight of girls and increase their heartbeat with his smile is active on social media websites like twitter with more than 55.9k followers and loves to be connected with his audience who are the most important for him.