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Hercules Teaser, Trailer & Video Songs

The trailer looks spectacular with astounding sets and breath-taking sceneries. The heroics of Hercules are surely to give Goose bumps to the viewers. The manner in which he confronts the giant lion displays his daredevilry. The visual effects in the video demonstrate the awesomeness of the film. This video has received 315,531 views. Paramount Pictures International released two trailers and TV spots in English for the film. Videos were even posted in Italian and Brazilian languages. Music has been composed for the film by Fernando Velazquez.

The epic action movie was directed by Brett Ratner. The movie is based on the comics ‘’Hercules: The Thracian Wars’’. Hercules leads a band of powerful mercenaries. He is the son of Zeus. He wanders along with his band, offering their heroics in exchange for gold. Hercules becomes a famous legend through his heroics, valour and sword-slinging machismo. Ergenia of Thrace approaches them of behalf of her father Lord Cotys to train their army. Hercules and his team, take part in colossal battles involving tremendous bloodshed, to help Thrace.

Hercules fulfils his promise to train the army and make it powerful and unbeatable. He participates in carnage and beats all odds to defeat the enemies and protect the people who laid faith in him. The, he moves ahead in search of more adventures. This movie had stupendous fight sequences that give an unbelievable joy to the audience. It received mixed reviews from both critics and the audience.