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Tarzan Trailers, Teasers & Video Songs

Tarzan is a 2013 animated motion capture film directed and produced by Reinhard Klooss. The movie is a one of the many adaptations of the classic, ‘Tarzan of the Apes.’ The trailer shows Tarzan in all his poorly animated glory running with his gorilla friends. It is a teaser for the movie that showcases the film’s graphics and motion capture usage. The visuals are horrible though the movements and facial expressions are decent. The trailer has one of the iconic elements, the vine swinging which was proper . It also had Tarzan climbing to the top of the tree to give him and the viewers a glimpse of the landscape and scenery.

Though the scene's intention was to be exhilarating, the depiction was unsatisfactory. The movie received negative reviews for its cinematography, horrible animation, and substandard plot line. The film is not for an older audience and meant for the view of kids. The movie will even leave the children feeling frustrated and unsatisfied