John Morris is a writer and director. He wrote the storyline of the 2013 film, “We are the Millers” the plot focuses on the life of David Clark, he is addicted to marijuana. Once people robbed him, they took all his money and stuff. Now, David has no money, and he needs to make the payment to his drug dealer. When he reveals the incident to the dealer, he asks David to smuggle drugs from Denver to Mexico since he will not be able to return the money. John creates a family since people have fewer doubts on families.

He hires a stripper to be his wife, a neighborhood kid to be his son and a thief in his area to become his daughter. The dealer bluffed them and gave two tons of marijuana for the transport. They set off their journey which gets filled with complications and problems full of ups and downs. They called themselves as the Millers. With all the mishaps taking place, David reveals the amount he will receive for completing the work.

All the three hired artists feel awful because they will receive only a trifle amount. David leaves them behind and drives the RV. On his way, he realizes that he shouldn’t have abandoned them. He delivers the stuff, but they make a fool of him because he wasn’t going to get paid for his delivery. The police interrupt the whole drama and claims David to be their setup; he is guaranteed police protection and the Millers again reunite.

They prepared the flick at an optimum budget, but it grossed about $270 million. John wrote the screenplay and also produced the Horrible Bosses Click to look into! >> Read More... Horrible Bosses 2 which released in 2014 and is a sequel to its 2011 release. The plot is about Nick, Kurt and Dale who gets bored of their jobs and are irritated by their bosses decides to quit their jobs and start a company. They want to manufacture shower heads based on the heads used in car washing. They meet an investor who likes their idea and asks them to create one lakh units.

They rent a house and produce the desired. Bert, their investors, backs out at the last moment and leaves them with a debt of $500,000. They kidnap Bert’s son and ask for ransom. The plan works, but Rex increases the amount to $5 million. When they meet Bert, Rex kills him and says that he did not care about him. Police arrest Rex and the charges against the three drop. Morris’s other works include Hot Tub Time Machine, Daddy’s Home, etc.