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The horror films director ‘James Wan’ was born on 27th February 1977 in Kuching, Malaysia. Since 1999, he’s into directing horror movies. It all started with his first movie ‘Stygian’ followed by SAW series which made 100 million dollars in the continental of America. The movie was a franchise in 2000 his first movie won the ‘Best Guerrilla Award’ at MUFF. After that, James is making horror movies.

Once asked in an interview about how much he loves creepy things, the reply media got was he’s not only a horror movie fans but ‘a movie fan.’ He likes action and romantic comedy as well he’s waiting for the right material then he would make one. James is popularly known for creating movies like ‘Conjuring,’ ‘Death sentence,’ ‘Death Silence,’ ‘Insidious Chapter 2,’ and ‘ Furious 7 Click to look into! >> Read More... ’. He is currently working on the sequel of Conjuring named as ‘Conjuring 2’.

Rumors say the movie will soon get released in 2016. Apart from directing, he has also created a horror and thriller game ‘Dead Space.’ Even though James has conquered the horror world of entertainment with his hit, there are several movies which did not come into existence like he was working on his project ‘Nightfall which was to be released after ‘Death Sentence’ but the directors of ‘IMDB’ did not approved it and listed it in the film line.

Except this, there was one more project ‘X-RAY’ which did not get the clearance of developing it further. According to the media reports Wan’s graphics novel ‘Malignant Man’ will be obtained by ‘20th Century Fox’. James has scheduled his upcoming movies as well may be he will release them in 2018. The movie is taken from a comic book name ‘Boom’ and it be a component of ‘DC Extended Universe’, and the first look will be released in 2016 in ‘Batman v/s Superman: Dawn Of Justice’.


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