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English Director Howard Hawks
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Howard Hawks was a director, screenwriter, and producer of America.

He was born on the 30th of May, 1896. While he was still young, he used to go to New England to watch plays, which perhaps sparked his interest in theater. Soon, he met Victor Fleming, who was working as a cinematographer in films. Through him, he first secured a job as a prop boy for In Again, Out Again, the film in which Fleming was the cinematographer. He did a string of menial jobs before getting bigger responsibility. He left for Hollywood when World War II World War II is a Malayalam information TV show on >> Read More... broke out and worked on the pictures, The Little American, and The Little Princess. He got the opportunity to direct a part of The Little Princess, because its director wasn’t present. After this, he joined the U. S. Military, and started working again only when the war was over.

He then formed the production company named Associated Producers, along with Allen Dawn, Allan Holubar, and Marshall Neilan. It made a total of 14 films in three years, after which Hawks decided he desired to engage in direction, and not production. He got the work of Famous Players- Lasky’s Production editor, in which he was asked to produce more than 40 movies. He also produced films for Paramount Pictures, as well as Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in between, but left eventually.

He finally got to live his dream of direction when Fox Film Corporation offered him the role of director for six movies without sound, and two talkies. He also worked on the scripts of several movies like Honesty- The Best Policy and ‘Underworld’, which was one of the first movies regarding gangsters.

His first movie was The Road Click to look into! >> Read More... to Glory, in 1926. He followed this up with ‘Fig Leaves’, of the same year, which portrays a couple in the mixed settings of The Eden Garden and NYC. Next year, he did Paid to Love and Cradle Snatchers. In 1928, he did a total of three films. These were The Air Circus, ‘ Fazil Director A.M. Fazil has various roles to his credi >> Read More... ’, and A Girl in Every Port. The film mentioned in the middle was the most important one of his silent movie career. The Air Circus justifiably showcases his love for aviation. After doing justice to all these soundless movies, he did his first talkie named The Dawn Patrol, in 1930. This was followed by excellent motion pictures such as The Criminal Code, ‘Scarface’, Today We Live, and The Crowd Roars.

He then started working for Columbia pictures with ‘Twentieth Century’, being his first comedy film. He made a slew of films like Barbary Coast, and Ceiling Zero, for the same company. Bringing it Up Baby, was the next film he directed for RKO productions. Cary Grant Cary Grant was a British-American actor, one from >> Read More... acted in it alongside Katherine Hepburn. He worked with Cary Grant again in Columbia Pictures’ Only Angels Have Wings. He would join hands with him three more times in the future. He got nominated for the Best Director award for making Sergeant York. He has created dozens of famous movies since, such as Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Monkey Business, and To Have and Have Not.

He died on the 26th of December, 1977. He gave more than 55 years of his life to the entertainment industry.


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