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Gavin O’Connor is an American playwright, producer, actor, and director, known for his work in movies such as the Tom Hardy Starring in everything from Peaky Blinders to The >> Read More... Tom Hardy starrer, ‘ Warrior Click to look into! >> Read More... Warrior ’, the Edward Norton He is known to be one of the actors that possess p >> Read More... Edward Norton starrer, Pride and Glory, and Tumbleweeds, among many others. Gavin is also the brother of the film producer, Greg O’Connor.

Gavin O’Connor was born in the small town of Huntington in Long Island, New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York , and pursued his education at the University of Pennsylvania. On graduating, O’Connor began his career in the year 1992 by writing and producing the short film, The Bet, directed by Ted Demme, featuring John Mosby, John Benjamin Hickey, and Vincent Pastore. Subsequently, in 1994, O’Connor also worked on the Kevin Corrigan Kevin Corrigan whose full name is Kevin Fitzgerald >> Read More... Kevin Corrigan starrer, American Standoff. However, it was in the year 1995 that O’Connor ventured into making feature films starting with the Dana Ashbrook starrer, Comfortably Numb. The movie was telecasted at the Boston Film Festival and The Cannes Film Festival, but failed to make an impact on the audience and critics. In 1997, O’Connor worked on writing, directing, starring, and producing the Off-Broadway stage play, Rumblings of a Romance Renaissance. In the same year, he worked on the Janet McTeer Stage costume designer turned actress, Janet McTee >> Read More... Janet McTeer and Kimberly J. Brown starrer, Tumbleweeds, which pocketed him a Filmmaker's Trophy at the Sundance Film Festival. McTeer was presented with an Oscar and a Golden Globe nomination for her role in Tumbleweeds. Later on, O’Connor teamed up with his brother, Greg O’Connor, to form the production firm, Solaris. In 2004, O’Connor directed Disney’s sports documentary film, ‘Miracles’, based on the story of the U.S. Men’s Hockey teams triumph at the 1980 Winter Olympics. In the same year, O’Connor produced HBO-produced biopic on the mixed martial artist, Mark Kerr, titled, The Smashing Machine. 2008 saw the O’Connor brothers write, direct, and produce the Edward Norton and Colin Farrell Colin James Farrell is a famous Hollywood actor. H >> Read More... Colin Farrell starrer, Pride and Glory. Three years later, they also worked on the sports drama, ‘Warrior’, which had Tom Hardy, Nick Nolte Nick Nolte is an actor and an old time model. Nich >> Read More... Nick Nolte , and Joel Edgerton The striking Joel Edgerton was born on 23 June 197 >> Read More... Joel Edgerton among the cast. Nolte also pocketed an Academy Award nomination for the Best Supporting Actor. 2016 awaits O’Connor to direct the Natalie Portman She was considered to be a gifted actress of Holly >> Read More... Natalie Portman starrer, Jane Got a Gun, and the starrer, The Accountant.

O’Connor tied the knot with the actress, Brooke Burns, in the year 2013.