English Playwright ( 0 - 12 )

Tom Stoppard

Robert Schenkkan

Zoe Kazan

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Peter Stormare

Irvine Welsh

Bill Irwin

Beau Willimon

John Logan

Gerda Stevenson

Gavin O Connor


Theater Would Perish Without Playwright

Playwrights are the people who write plays. They have a vivid imagination and come up with gripping and strong stories. Although, most of their work revolves around a unique message that the society needs to receive, there are playwrights who write comedy, romantic and other genres. The playwright composes the characters well, and distinctively gives each of them their parts. The theatre actors need to understand the story well, and emote accordingly on the stage- it is more difficult than it sounds because plays do not have a second take, and expressions matter a lot since plays are shorter than the films which means that the in a shorter span of time the motive of the play needs to be expressed.

The playwrights generally work independently, but they might as well collaborate with the director of the play and the actors who would be playing the major roles. The playwrights are often called the people who “craftsmen of plays”. The playwrights need to have thorough knowledge of how theatre works- they need to write stories which are doable at one go. For example, hardcore stunts can’t be done on the stage- playwrights need to take care of that. Also they should have the basic knowledge of the dramatics and the technicalities of the theatre.