The striking Joel Edgerton was born on 23 June 1974 in New South Wales. He is an Australian filmmaker as well as an actor. He is popular for his roles in blockbuster movies like ‘STAR WARS,’ ‘THE THING,’ ‘WARRIOR.’ Edgerton in 1991 graduated from ‘The Hills Grammar School’. Later he joined ‘University of Sydney’ to learn about acting. In 1996, he was first seen in ‘Loaded,’ it was the initial stage of his career. In 2000, he won the best actor award in ‘AACTA AWARD’ for the film ‘The Secret Life of us’.

He is also honored for his actions in international films with ‘Breakthrough Award’ in 2011. In 2013, he was collaborated with ‘Warn Bros’ to be a lead role in the film ‘Shantaram’. In 2007, he wrote and directed ‘The Square’ and ‘Separation City’ along with his brother ‘Nash.’ Nash is now a filmmaker and stuntman in the film industry of Hollywood. Apart from Hollywood movies Joel has also worked in theaters and T.V. shows as well. In 2016, his new film will b released titled as ‘ Loving’. Edgerton was the representative of ‘The Fred Hollows Foundation’ for several years.

The foundation works for restoring people eye sight in diminutive countries. Joel has always been an active member to the origination. He went Nepal to give is hand for the cause in 2012 for the first time.

Ed Skrein English Actor

Ed Skrein

Edward George Skrein, who goes by the name Ed Skrein, is an English actor and also a rapper. He holds a BA Honors degree in Fine Arts. His first ever acting role was in ‘Ill Manors’ written by his best friend, Ben Drew. He then played roles in many short films namely ‘Michelle’, ‘GoldFish’, and 'Screaming Soul: Poverty' In 2013, he was cast in HBO’s “Game of Thrones” playing the character of Daario Naharis. He played the role for three episodes in season 3 of the series. In the same year, he appeared in three episodes of ‘The Tunnel’, a British/French TV series, playing the role of Anthony Walsh. When he was asked as to why he was replaced by “Michiel Huisman” in Game of Thrones he said that it was due to politics that he had to leave the show. His other works include Northmen: A Viking Saga in which he played ‘Hjorr’ which released in 2014, Sword of Vengeance in which his character was named ‘Treden’, Tiger House in which his character was ‘Callum', The Transporter: Refueled in which he played the lead role of ‘Frank Martin’, all of these which released in 2015. Apart from acting, he also released his first album The Eat Up in 2007. His extended plays include Mind Out/Once upon a Skrein, released in 2004, Pre-emptive Nostalgia, which was released in 2007. He was cast in Gateway 6 and also in In Darkness, which were both thrillers. He played the character of ‘Ajax’, a negative role, in the upcoming movie Deadpool, which is to be released on Feb 14, 2016. His next project is Mads Matthiesen’s ‘The model’, in which he plays the role of a photographer named ‘Shane White’. Ed Skrein was a swimming coach for a while. He is also an athlete and has swum the English Channel for the NSPCC. He even established a Children’s Swimming Academy in Islington. He is a trustee for his best friend’s ‘Each one Teach one’ charity and also Prince’s Trust Celebrity Youth Ambassador.


Leigh Whannell

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Leigh Whannell is an actor, director, producer, and screenwriter. He is best known for the series of films titled 'Saw', which he wrote, co-wrote and produced, along with his friend James Wan. The duo is the creators of the franchise and Whannell also wrote the Saw video game of 2004. His other films include Dead Silence, Insidious and Insidious Chapter 2. His father being a cameraman in the television industry, Leigh believes he inherited the love for filmmaking from his father and the art of storytelling from his mother. He loved writing since he was a child and he worked as a reporter and a film critic on a youth television show called Recovery, with Dylan Lewis as the host. Although he auditioned to be the host, he settled on being a reporter. He made his acting debut in films with a small role in The Matrix Reloaded in 2003. He also appeared in the video game Enter the Matrix. While he was acting school, he met Wan, who later went on to direct the popular horror film Saw in 2004. The popularity of the film led to the making of a sequel - Saw II. It was co-written by Leigh, and he was also the executive producer of the film. During the same time, Wan and Whannell wrote Dead Silence and worked on the third installment of Saw. Whannell has a cameo role in the film. The film went on to become the most successful Saw film of the series. He later played a small role in Death Sentence, directed by Wan, but not written by either of them. He also acted in a 2008 horror film called Dying Breed. Leigh underwent a tough time during the production of Saw. He was suffering fro anxiety and was undergoing treatment for the same, his experience at the neurological ward gave him the idea for the antagonist of the movie. In 2011, he wrote and acted in Insidious, again directed by James Wan. Insidious Chapter 3, which he wrote, was his directorial debut film. Although rumors about him returning to Saw franchise did the rounds in 2014, Whannell announced on his personal blog that he will now focus on a new chapter beyond his relationship with Wan.

Leigh Whannell English Actor