David Slade English Actor
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David Slade's full name is David Aldrin Slade. He is a famous British movie and television series actor and director. He worked on many films like Hard Candy, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and 30 Days of Night. He also directed many television series episodes for Awake, Breaking Bad, Crossbones, American Gods, and Powers. He directed many music videos and commercials before directing films.

His career began with the making of many amateur videos of music for the local bands in the southern part of England. He had many of his films processed by an elderly lady who used to process super eight films at a very low rate in her bathtub. The first professional job he did was the direction of a commercial for Silent Hill, a horror franchise of the Japanese, which was made by Keiichiro Toyama. It was published by Konami along with Konami Digital Entertainment, its subsidiary company. The first feature film was a 2005 crime thriller named Hard Candy, which focused on the torture of a suspected sexual predator by a 14-year-old female vigilante. It was released by the Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation, a Canadian-American entertainment company. They bought the movie at a program of Sundance Institute named Sundance Film Festival. He continued with the direction of 30 Days of Night, a vampire film in the year 2007. He was the director of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which was the third movie of the Twilight Film Series.

Slade gave a list of his favorite movies in a Twitter post. The list included movies like Wings of Desire, Performance, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Possession, and A Clockwork Orange. He says that he got inspired to become a director of films because of Performance.

He directed many music videos like Symmetry, Donkey Rhubarb, an EP by electronic music artist named Aphex Twin, Eat My Goal of Collapsed Lung, Tied up by LFO, Sour Girl of Stone Temple Pilots, Clubbed to Death of Rob Dougan, Strange Little Girl of Tori Amos Tori Amos is a classically trained American singer >> Read More... Tori Amos , Feeling Good, New Born, and Bliss of Muse, Sugar Is Sweeter by C.J. Bolland, Mr. Writer of Stereophonics, Girls Not Grey by AFI, Aerials of the System of a Down , and Goodnight, Travel Well by The Killers.

He also contributed to short films like I Smell Quality, Meat Dog: What's Fer Dinner, and Do Geese See God in the years 1994, 2008, and 2004 respectively.