David Sandberg English Actor
Other Skills
    - Director

Born in Jonkoping in Sweden, David F. Sandberg is a film director and writer. Since childhood, he was fond of making films. At an early age, he borrowed a VHSC (video cassette format) camera from his father and ran with it all over the house and locality. With his friends and family, he started making short films, until one day, in excitement, he broke his father’s expensive camera. He decided to pursue his passion anyhow.

In his teenage years, he started working extra at a video store. The store served him a kind of film school where he could gain practical knowledge, plus he earned money there. He saved each and every penny, and through his hard work, he bought a camcorder for himself. With the help of a camcorder and all the latest techniques, he could edit his movies digitally. This way he took his passion for filmmaking to a higher level. He gave his works to various film festivals where they were premiered. Through it, he came in contact with a film center in the locality named “Film I Jönköpings län.” It was owned by the film commissioner, Svante Rosberg. David did an internship there and worked on various film projects. He produced many short films in the period of his training.

Slowly and gradually, he also developed his interest towards drawing. Finally, in the year 2006, he directed his short animated movie named “For Barnes”. He uploaded the film to YouTube. The film received many reviews and was a super hit. But it was put down as it contained some mature content in it. His first film received a great response, hence he went towards making another one.

He then directed the short animated film, Vad Tyst Det Blvd. This movie touched success even more than the previous ones. It crossed the figure of two million reviews in a short span of time. It achieved various awards for Best Script, Best Film, Best Sound, etc. at the November Film Festival.  

Then, he started making commercials and got his first job as an animation consultant for the TV show, 'Myggan’, that aired on the Swedish Channel 5. From the year 2006 to 2009, he was the de facto resident documentary filmmaker at Arvsfonden. He documented various successful projects there. It was an inheritance fund of Sweden. The biggest advantage film direction gave him was that he again came in touch with the girl he dated at the age of eleven, Lotta Losten. Eventually, in 2013, he married her.

He directed the documentary, ‘Ladyboy’, short film Wallace, which were successful. Then, along with his wife, he directed a horror film, “ Lights Out Click to look into! >> Read More... Lights Out ”, which became a huge viral hit. It received great reviews and many awards. He is now on his way to direct many such movies.