Birthday: 1960

Chandra Prakash Dwivedi is an Indian film script writer and director with films like “Pinjar”, “ Zed Plus” and “ Mohalla Assi” to his credit. In spite of venturing both into cinema and television, he is best known for directing the famous TV serial “ Chanakya” which was an epic success. Dwivedi also essayed the title role of Chanakya, one of the most influential political diplomat and strategist ever known. In 2009, Dwivedi was honored with the Cultural Catalyst Award by the South Asian Cinema Foundation “in recognition of his commitment to exploring India’s ancient culture and history in television and cinema”. Dwivedi started his career as a medical professional but developed interest towards Indian literature which made him give up his profession. Thus, he began working in theatre and was also the programming division head at ZEE TV. He was born in Sirohi district of Rajasthan in the year 1960. He has one daughter Nayanika Dwivedi with his ex-wife Mandira Dwivedi.

His achievements include winning the Nargis Dutt Award for Best Feature Film on National Integration as well as the Guild Award for Best Debut Director for his film “Pinjar”- a tragic love story set during the Partition of India. He has also won the Indian Telly Jury Award for Best Dialogue for his serial “ Upanishad Ganga”. He draws inspiration from maestros like Shyam Benegal and Govind Nihalani. His interest and knowledge of Indian literature and history are something to be acknowledged and appreciated. He very well fits the description of “a director with a difference”.

Bille Woodruff English Actor

Bille Woodruff

Bille Woodruff is a film director, and a video director. He had been born in Denver, Colorado. Woodruff has had many videographers’ records,starting since in the year 1991 to the latest being 2012. Woodruff had worked along with the popular Hip-Hop’s and R&B artists, and he was active since 1990. Woodruff had processed with Joe who is a famous singer and songwriter. They together worked approximately in nine music videos from 1994 onwards. Woodruff and Toni Braxton have jointly released many albums since 1996. There works lasted more than ten times. Woodruff had directed the film ‘Honey’ in the year 2003 which is a box office hit. For this story Aaliyah is selected to play the title role in the screenplay but she unexpectedly dies in the plane crash before the shooting has begun. Later her role was replaced with Jessica Alba. The cinema ‘Honey’ which was released in the year 2003, and the film telecasted to us at the box office. Woodruff had been educated at the Maryland University. His current location is Los Angeles. Woodruff directed the film ‘Beauty Shop’ in the year 2005, and there were few negative reviews but it any how gathered better box office money than his previous work. Woodruff’s latest film was ‘Addicted’ which had released in the year 2014. Many people had lost his memory because of his numerous songs video works; he had actively made many video songs till 2012. His works as a videographer started in the year 1991. His musical works had released nearly more than three every year. Currently, he is directing one show ‘Shadow Hunters,’ and that was his favorite vampire and werewolf show. Woodruff has one brother, and he was super talented, and his name is William Levy. Woodruff loves to direct the screen in different angles; he perfectly knows how to show different moves of the actors and those that are interesting to display the scenes over the screen. He had made musical video works for more than ninety albums and those albums got a prominent rating. Besides that he directed few films, and even though some of those films got a negative response but he had got massive box office records. 


Charles Ferguson

Charles was born in San Francisco, California. His full name is Charles Henry Ferguson. Originally, he did not have a filmy background. He completed his high school from Lowell High School (in 1972). He joined the University of California in Berkeley to get a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics in 1978. He then gained his Ph.D. in political science in 1989 from M.I.T where he later did his postdoctoral research. He was a consultant who worked independently. His expert advice reached high levels like the White House, the Department of Defence and other high-tech firms based in the US and in Europe like Apple, Motorola, Xerox and so on. In 1994, Charles, along with Randy Forgaard, founded an Internet software company called Vermeer Technologies which was one of the earliest companies in that category. The company later created a tool called FrontPage which was a website development program. He later sold the company to Microsoft for $133mil. The tool is now merged with MS Office. After giving away his company for a hefty amount, he returned to his alma mater to continue to pursue writing and research as a visiting scholar. He has written four books related to IT, social issues, political issues, etc. He supports various non-profit organizations and is a lifelong member of Council on Foreign Relations. Even though most of his life was spent working away from the film industry, he had always been intently interested in movies. He attended Telluride Film Festival and many other film festivals for more than ten years. He started producing a feature-length documentary called No End in Sight: The American Occupation of Iraq just after forming Representational Pictures, Inc. The movie was awarded specially by the jury at the Sundance Film Festival in 2007. In 2008, it was nominated for an Oscar. He later made another documentary called Inside Job. It was screened at the New York Film Festival and also at Cannes. The movie was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature which it also won. During 2013, he was planning on making a documentary on Hillary Clinton but reportedly backed out saying there was too much pressure from her allies as well as from the Republican Party. He also openly told everyone via Huffington Post that nobody was ready to help him make the documentary. Later in the same year, he also called Bill Clinton a ‘’really good actor’’ for saying in an interview with him that he just couldn’t help Commodity Futures Modernisation Act of 2000 because he couldn’t change Alan Greenspan’s mind about it.

Charles Ferguson English Actor