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Bobby Bedi is a renowned producer and director in Indian Film Industry. He was born on 12th January 1956, in New Delhi, India as Sundeep Singh Bedi. He went to St. Columba's School, New Delhi for schooling, and then received a degree of B.A. in Economics from University of Delhi in 1975 and Masters in Management from the University of Bombay in 1977. He began his career working as a sales executive at HCL in the same year of passing from college, and then in 1978 he joined Philips India Limited as the Product Manager. While working with Philips, he got married to Varsha Bedi (on 1st November 1982). After three months of marriage, he got a new job in Sony as a Regional Manager in New Delhi.

This change could be called as a milestone in the journey of his life as this was the place where he got in touch with many people from the film world. He interacted with them and got an idea to enter the industry. As a result, he established his production company named as Kaleidoscope Entertainment, India in Mumbai in 1989 and became the Managing Director of it. According to Bedi, his first step towards becoming a bankable film producer was only sheer luck. His bold attitude is enough to define his approach to life. His first step encouraged him to leave the security of the corporate field and test his fortune with a small production. The first film he produced, was named, 'In Which Annie gives it those Ones.’ This movie had a budget of US$20,000.

But Bedi's baptism of fire came in 1992 with another project Electric Moon, which got it’s expenditure from a T.V. broadcaster from U.K. This film is recorded in the history of Indian Cinema as the first film to be shot using synchronized sound. Bedi says that he learned how to produce a movie from Graham Easton, a reputed professional in International Film Industry. One after another, he gave movies which ushered India's film industry into a new era. His movie, Bandit Queen in 1994 went to Cannes, the world's most prestigious competitive film festival and won critical acclaim over the world spreading Bedi's fame as a man with a strong creative vision. This movie made him an International sensation.

With this, he went on producing new movies like, Chintuji, American Daylight, Train to Pakistan, The Stoneman Murders, Maqbool, Mangal Pandey, The Rising and Sathiya, etc. His story of success doesn't stop here. It is an interesting fact that Bobby Bedi is also working as an advisor to the country's Minister of Information and Broadcasting and the Industrial Development Bank of India. He has established India's first post-graduate school, which teaches content creation and management ''the School of Convergence'' and is also a member of the Governing Council of the Film & Television Institute of India. He has also received two National Awards from the President of India


Born: 21 February 1942

Lived For 66 Years

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